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    Boeing should not be disappointed
    as they are getting $billion of order of Boeing C-17 Globemaster III
    –Boeing AH-64 Apache- more c- hercules, and many others

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    Boeing has got an order for 12 P-8I's . the IAF is certain about 16 C-17 Globe Masters. Moreover Apache and Chinooks are also favourites to win their respective tenders. F-A-18 Along with F-16 Block 60 as wellas Gripen and Mig-35 fared badly in flight trials that's the reason why Rafale and Typhoon have made the cut.

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    I am a little upset with the Rafale / EF downselect. Neither aircraft has seen combat. OTOH, the Super Viper and F/A-18E/F are combat proven. So this whole thing about failing tests idoes not fly well.
    Second, with the SuperViper you got a 4.5 generation plane for about 30 mil or so. Hue upgrade over the Mirages. Granted Pakis have it and it will be phased out over the next 15 years in the US. Yet, you got complete ToT, a possible assembly line for the F-16IN, and a proven plane. I am not sure that the AESA alone can bring the Paki fleet on par. It will be while before that happens, but meanwhile India can work the F-35 option.
    Similar comments hold for the F/A-18F. India could have worked a deal for a manufacturing line perhaps. And they cost about $60mil.
    The Typhoon (even though a very decent choice) is ridiculous at $110mil. The Rafale is a French non-seller, not proven in combat, a joke in my opinion!

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    Captain Zarir Irani Presentation on Marine insurance and warranty at the off shore support Vessel Technlology Forum held in Abu Dhabi.

    In a well researched presentation Capt. Zarir lrani spoke about the Act, Principles, Warranties, Common Findings related to the marine insurance surveyor sector. He mentioned that worldwide Marine insurance contracts take into consideration the statute mentioned in the Marine Insurance Act 1906 and majority of the world-wide marine insurance is governed by this Act.Without-Fools-No-FUn-During his talk he pointed out the five basic principles of marine insurance that should be adhered to viz: Insurable interest, Utmost Good Faith, Proximate Cause., indemnity and Subrogation. He categorically stated that all contracts of marine insurance are contracts Uberrimae fidei’ i.e. of the utmost good faith’ and if the utmost good faith be not observed by either party, the contract may be voided by the other party (the underwriters). Proximate Cause (or ‘causa proxima’) is derived from the legal dictum causa proxima non remota spectatur’. This means that ‘the proximate and not the remote cause to be considered’. The Act provides that the insurer is liable for any loss proximately caused by a peril insured against h mentioned.

    Capt. Irani clearly explained the warranty clauses and its meaning. In his well-attended paper he mentioned that a warranty s the same as a “condition” on any other type of insurance policy. It is an express or implied contractual undertaking by the assured that something will or will not be done.

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