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    Salute to these brave soldiers who are keeping my country safe and secure. I wish all the best for my county's jawans in their duties.

    Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisaan and Jai Hind.

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    This is what the country has sunk down to — soldiers getting medals for killing its own citizens. There used to be a time when medals were given only for enemy action. Now that they can't beat a foreign enemy, Pakistan included, India has turned on its own so that its soldiers can keep earning medals and recognition! What a shame! India has become its own enemy. If they can't find and fight a foreign enemy, they make sure to make enemies within their own country! A country such as this is going down the tube!

    There is absolutely no glory, only shame for such an army!

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    "Hail the lion hearts". The nation salutes you.

  4. 4

    the terminator

    Anon 11.18 You and your ilk are the sicko that encourages the terrorists in the country and at the same time disparages its brave soldiers for doing a good job though thankless most of the time, no thanks to morons like you.

  5. 5

    joydeep ghosh


    Please put as many as possible pics of medal winners

    Joydeep Ghosh

  6. 6


    Will ignore the previous comment seems a totally insensitive in the garb of sensitiveness!

    Hats off to the bravehearts Period!

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    The bulk of Indian Anti-terrorists operations take place in Kashmir.99% of Terrorists killed in Kashmir are assorted jehadis from Paki-land and POK.They are the front line elements in Paki sponsored proxy war against India.It is to the credit of our army that these jehadi types have a pretty limited lifespan and their effectiveness over the years has been reduced.Apart from sporadic attacks,these guys can do little nowadays.That is why Pakis have been forced to play a more insidious game in Kashmir by stoking the 'stone -throwing 'phenomenon.A gambit to show the Kashmir 'movement' as a local and 'heroic' one.So do not worry of foreign enemies been beaten!!!Not only are they being beaten, but quite a few kicks are also being sent up their backside.Read the news on Pak-land in the last few years!!!

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    I agree with Anon 11.18AM's views. These "terrorists" are our own countrymen. Some of our own countrymen consider these very same "terrorists" as "freedom fighters". The Congress party after taking over power from the British steamrolled their agenda over vast majority of people who have a very different idea of India than what Govt of Hindia would like to propagate. I too deplore awarding medals to armymen for killing our own civilians. If our own countrymen are taking up arms, then we need to question the way this country is governed. Have we replaced White Sahibs with Brown Sahibs? Those who are blaming "foreign" enemies for "terrorism" in India, will be shocked to hear that tribals of central India call non tribals "dhiku" aka "foreigners". Have we forgotten that Ramdev was called an "Indian Dog" in Arunachal Pradesh? We need to question why so many of our own countrymen are taking up arms against the Govt instead of sweeping such questions under the carpet.

  9. 9


    "Kapil Dev" in the first pic. Lol!

  10. 10


    Leave the army out of politics pls.

    It is the duty of the army to protect the country from both external and 'internal' threats.

    Army cannot chose whom is a 'threat'. The govt. does that.

    That is how all democracies function.

    As such medals even for eliminating internal threats are justified.

    I salute our Armed Forces and jai hind to these bravehearts!.

  11. 11


    Well done folks ,,u r one of few loutuses in a pile of keechad…

  12. 12


    A very heartly Congratulation for my brother – The Soldiers. Men in Green

  13. 13


    Anon @7:42 by our own countryman you mean pakis or chinks. Indian Army is not engaged in anti-naxal operation like your army engaged in killing its own people who they first used as fodder for war against India now killing them to get money from America. These Indian Brave Hearts are decorated for killing your war fodder for country and not for money.

  14. 14


    anon @11:18: first, on what basis do u make the statement that the indian army can't beat a foreign enemy?, have you assessed and collected data on indian army's capabilities, or the capabilities of the hostile bodies threatening india, or surveyed such information that we haven't seen yet?. please don't make such statements unless you have some concrete data to back it up! because from all the data available to us, the indian army very much seems like a potent force capable of defending the country as it has always done in 1965, 1971 and 1999.

    coming to killing it's own citizens:
    are you unaware of the proxy war pakistan wages against india, or are you completely ignorant of pakistan's general zia ul haq's theory of bleeding india by a thousand cuts?
    weren't all the mumbai terrorist attackers of foreign nationality?,

    weren't the 2001 parliament attackers of foreign nationality?,

    weren't the hijackers of IC814 foreigners?….

    moreover, i don't think it matters if they are indian or foreigners, if they are roaming on the streets killing innocents people with ak47s in their hands and explosives strapped to their chests!, they are terrorists, they have no human rights, and anyone who kills them is doing a noble service to the nation!…. besides, what do u know about terrorists?, have u ever suffered at their hands, have you ever lost a relative to terrorist attacks….
    this almost tempts me to tell everyone here about an incident:

    i'm not allowed to mention the location where this happened, but, it happened in an area where army were involved in CI-ops… there was a family who refused to cooperate with the terrorists(including stuff like paying them a certain kind of tax, giving them food and hiding them from the police). 5 terrorists stormed their house…. tied the entire family to the pillars.. GANG RAPED their 8 year old daughter in front of their eyes, repeatedly through the night, so much that the poor girl DIED because of it!.. the guilty roamed free for a long time because of police inaction and later those terrorists were tracked and neutralized by the army. Now, answer my questions-

    was that little girl not an indian citizen?

    werent the members of that family not indian?

    was it wrong for the army to have brought the murderers of an innocent little girl to justice?

    and lastly- why don't you try to explain to the parents of that little girl, that the army was wrong in neutralizing their 8 year old daughter's MURDERERS!.

  15. 15


    will you black out para(sf) members' faces ? their identities are not to be made public

  16. 16


    Anon 6.36AM. I hope you can read English? Paratrooper Hujong has been decorated for killing two "Manipuri insurgents". In case you don't know, majority of Manipuris are Hindus and Indians.In that case, now Army is being feted for killing Indians who have a different opinion about how this country should be run. I hope for you not mistaking Manipuris for "Chinkies".

  17. 17


    well said anon 6:36. pakis are bleeding hard and cant diges the news.

    Feel proud for our brave soldiers.

    Thanks shiv for the pics. but why allow pakis to post insulting comments?

  18. 18


    hey Shiv why are you allowing paki hate mongers to post and degrade your blog with BS?

    7:42 and 11:18 both of you guys are same paki. we can see that you cannot hide your real identity of hating India. Save your as from drone first and stop begging for aid.

  19. 19

    Mr. Ra

    Salute to the brave soldiers.

  20. 20


    Anon 11.59 AM,

    Can you please explain why more than 80% of the country is witnessing serious insurgencies? I hope you know those incidents where 76 CRPF personnel were blown to bits by tribals in Chhatisgarh? Kashmir is just one example. Why are the Sikhs, entire people of NE and now the tribals of central India so pissed off? As the days go by we are seeing the number of such groups increasing. Are we really a "democracy"? Why in a democratic set up, there is so much ire against the Govt? Does it really represent the masses of this country?

  21. 21


    Real bravehearts. Very respectful salutations.

  22. 22


    Shiv, please tell us what they have done – their achievements. Just photos do not convey the tales of valour.

    – Manne

  23. 23


    @anon 10:10PM:

    having stayed in the heartland of maoist insurgencies, i know how these naxalites operate!, they are not waging any people's war!
    i'l tell you about an incident of the maoists in jharkhand. in a small village about 7 hours north of ranchi, a man was killed (his body hacked into 5 pieces) at night, and his son kidnapped,…. do you know what the reason for this was?…. the guy had bought a maruti 800 car, and din't pay a certain "car tax" that the naxalites impose on the people of that region!, later it was found out that all the fund collected(or should i say extorted) from that region was being used to fund the maoist uprising in nepal,…… now tell me: what right do these naxalites have, to extort the 'hard earned money' from an indian, to fund an uprising in some random country??….. honestly, is it fair if today, someone puts a gun to your head, and tells you to give them your hard earned money had property, because there are ppl in this country who are poor?, nexalites are not people's fighters, they are a political money making machines!! if they really are fighting for the people, where the hell were they during the floods in jharkhand and bihar?, where were they when there were cyclone related deaths in west bengal?, where were they when there was a crop failure and people were dying out of hunger??, i ask the same question for the insurgents in north east… where are they during the floods in that region?, or during disease epidemics?…. essentially it was the ARMED FORCES who helped those people, rescued them and rehabilitated them.

    poverty is most unfortunate, but one needs to understand that, taking arms will never solve the problem!…. hijacking trains, looting people, extorting money, and terrorising the common public can never be justified and should never be tolerated!!!

    as for sikh insurgencies, my father had served in punjab, during the 'operation black thunder' and the incident i had told you about in my previous post where the 8 year old girl was raped was from punjab, not kashmir. and the army in that region was not only defending the people against the terrorists, but also building schools, infrastructure, empowering women in the region!!…… moreover, punjab militancy started after the anti-sikh riots, which was most unfortunate.. but today if u visit any of those places, its completely died down. ppl have no grudges against each other and the region is more or less peaceful in this regard. except a few isolated incidents here and there in a futile attempt for certain political gains by certain politicians.

    in north east, well its just as simple as- if you're blowing up IEDs on the streets and killing innocents, you don't deserve to live!!…..

    lastly, well.. i think we've strayed too far from what the original discussion was, look, about the maoists in chandigarh, the army is not involved there…… in manipur, those militants target the common public in their attacks and the public needs to be protected at any cost. so, calling them revolutionaries or freedom fighters will be a BIG DISRESPECT to people like – bhagat singh, chandra shakher azad, etc who were the real freedom fighters!!, and the army is doing a GREAT SERVICE to the nation and discrediting them like this is just being UNGRATEFUL.

  24. 24


    Anon @ 11.18 and Anon@ 7.42 – must be terrorists. Shiv, I request you to see that such blogs are not posted. Both you guys dont be so sure about you anonymity – I may track you to your door step. May be one of these guys will stick his greasy boynet up you.
    The soldiesr are really the First Knights of this Coutry. What they have done is what every Soldier would do. They are better than any of the Muslim nation ones who butcher their own people. I slaute these brave men.

  25. 25

    Shiv Aroor

    Will try for sure. Have asked for write-ups.

  26. 26


    Anon @ 11.18 and 7.42 should be Terrorists or Paki Pigs. Shiv please do not encourage such sort of postings. As an administrator you should be responsible enough to keep out such dogs.

    I salute the brave soldiers. They are the real First Knights

  27. 27


    Shivji why allowing pakis to make fun of our great soldiers?

    Anon 11:18, 7:42, 6:52 and 10:10 you are the same guy and same paki.

    You can not digest the victory of India over you many times and making a new countr called Bangladesh. How many you massacred during 1971 in NWFP, and Balochistan?

  28. 28


    @anon 10:10
    look, first thing.. army is not involved in anti maoist operations. secondly, maoists aren't fighting for the people, i've seen how they operate and its bloody inhuman… cutting and hacking the bodies of those who don't cooperate with them… extorting money, terrorizing the public, kidnapping people, etc. this can never be justified!. they are a political money making machine…. if they really were fighting for the people, where do they suddenly disappear when there were floods in the region?, where the hell were they when there were disease outbreaks in the region? incidently it was eventually the army who was rescuing people from the flood affected areas…. moreover, in 2005 they had killed the govt. officials who were visiting jharkhand for an anti-polio drive… How is killing doctors who work for the scociety, justified?,

    So anyone who is working to stop these terrorists, and killing these extremists is doing a great service to the nation

    coming to north east insurgencies, again, the same logic… blowing up IEDs in the cities, killing innocent citizen and terrorizing the public is a crime, and those guilty shouldn't be spared.

    the sikh insurgencies, they hvve died down now… it was only the anti sikh riots which gave rise to khalistani extremists, today, the area is more or less peaceful. thanks to the army's efforts again. The armed forces are not only involved with the operations against the terrorists, but they also have a key role in other aspects of development in these regions, the army has carried out numerous women empowerment drives, it is the army engineers who build the roads in these difficult areas, the army has been involved in setting up schools in the rural areas also

    terrorism is a world wide problem, and anyone resorting to such means for any agenda should be severely punished!

    and last but not the least- god forbid, but in case someday you are ever stuck in any disaster (floods, earthquakes, terrorists attacks, etc) you won't have anyone else to count on but these brave men of the indian armed forces, so discrediting what they do is just being ungrateful

  29. 29


    India is suffering from an auto-immune disease, where its own immune system (defense system) turns on its own internal organs (internal people).

    The dumb colonels and generals and DG's in the Indian army, police, and para-military don't know how to think any better. They have been indoctrinated in the absolutely wrong way. The worst is that they growl like tigers at innocent citizens who are being exploited by unscrupulous zamindars, industrialists, and chaudhris, but they cower with tails between their legs in front of any pissing politician. All bloody nonsense stuff!

    The rapacious record of the CRPF, police, and Indian army is well known. How come so many of you fool yourselves. Which country are you living in? What reports do you read, or don't read? Someone who was a true national would see the truth for what it is, but many folks in this blog would rather remain brainwashed and believe the lies instead.

    India created the internal rebellions, and now asks its proud army to go quell the rebellions. How stupid!

    You can all say what you want, because it's not Pakistan bleeding India with a thousand cuts, it is India slashing itself to death like it doesn't understand tomorrow.

  30. 30


    The so-called Terminator at 12:45 is a big butt-head! Let him continue in this same vein, and he will terminate India. Such people are anti-national! Soldiers must think thrice before getting involved in internal operations. And then you call yourselves "brave" because you kill a few untrained "terrorists." Try picking someone your own size, such as China, but you piss in your pants any time China is even mentioned.

  31. 31


    The so-called Terminator at 12:45 is a big butt-head! Let him continue in this same vein, and he will terminate India. Such people are anti-national! Soldiers must think thrice before getting involved in internal operations. And then you call yourselves "brave" because you kill a few untrained "terrorists." Try picking someone your own size, such as China, but you piss in your pants any time China is even mentioned.

  32. 32


    Anon@ 11:59
    First, on what basis do u make the statement that the indian army can beat a foreign enemy?, have you assessed and collected data on indian army's capabilities, or the capabilities of the hostile bodies threatening india, or surveyed such information that we haven't seen yet?. please don't make such statements unless you have some concrete data to back it up! because from all the data available to us, the indian army very much seems like an impotent force incapable of defending the country as it couldn't do successfully in 1948, 1962, 1965, and 1999.

  33. 33


    @anon 12:13
    1948: pakistan failed to liberate kashmir
    1962: agreed, china had the better of the war
    1965: 478 pakistani tanks destroyed compared to just 128 losses on indian side
    the indian army occupied 3885 sq km of pakistani territory, compared to pakistan occupying just about 648 sq km.

    1999: the area occupied by pakistani forces (drass, batalik, kargil, tutuk, tiger hill, etc) 6 months later back under indian control.
    2 entire companies of SSG (pakistan's "elite forces") were put out of existance!, not one person from those SSG companies survived. thanx to the indian 9th parachute SF regiment.

    after all of this, if u still think that pakistan won the wars against india, then GREAT!… go ahead, live in your own delusional little world.

    PS: don't bother to reply to this, because i'm in no mood of entering into baseless trashtalks which keep goin around in circles against some random troll…

  34. 34


    @anon 12:01
    being an indian citizen doesn't give anyone the right to take the law into his/her hands.
    the main purpose of a country's armed forces (army and para military), is to protect the citizens of the country, the threat may be internal or external (although i am strongly against using the army for internal threats, because it errodes the fighting capability of an army)

    16th March 2007: IED explosion on a bus on national highway no.7, killing 7 civilians and wounding 55 others, responsibility claimed by ULFA

    15 august 2004:bomb explosion in assam, killing 15 people, including several school children(what kind of revolutionary kills little innocent children??)

    17 may 2010: landmine destroyed a bus in dantewada killing 44 civilians

    28 may 2010: derailment of kolkata-mumbai express killing 150 civilians. responsibility claimed by naxalites

    naxal terrorism has resulted in displacement of 40,000 people in 2006.
    since their origin, the naxalites have killed 6000 civilians. maximum casualties have been civilian with only about 2500 armed forces casualties
    you may verify the above reports and statistics
    how do u justify the above killings?, and if it's not the armed forces who will defend the people of the country against these terrorists, then who will??

    PS: you may verify the above reports and statistics and feel free to correct me if i'm wrong

  35. 35
  36. 36


    It is really silly! iI don't know why
    everybody is being instigated by these anonymous trollers and India haters to experience negative emotions and waste precious time in typing out elaborate responses.

    Just ignore and move on with the positive comments praising and saluting our brave soldiers. these trollers are hired guns on a specific mission of psychological warfare. Do not waste your time.

    Regards And Salut!


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