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  1. 1

    Ravi Khanna

    Nice One Shiv..

  2. 2

    Jake Lor

    It is good to have US and Indian naval exercise to counter Chinese growing naval power in the region. Plus to improve relationship.

    Indian navy are buying 8+4 more P-8I Neptune to search and destroyed Chinese invisible submarines in Indian Ocean. Indian navy is interested buying 4 or 6 E-2D Advance Hawkeye the world only naval awacs could operate in aircraft carrier. The E-2D would able to track chinese anti ship or cruise missiles, naval fighter such as J-15 Flying Shark and J-10C Naval Vigorous dragon in the future.

    Indian navy also interest MQ-4C BAMS Globalhawk UAV. The Globalhawk could search Pakistani terrorist boats and ships.

    Google:(Indian Navy Interested in Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Maritime Surveillance Unmanned Aircraft Systems)


  3. 3

    Mr. Ra

    As it is basically to counter China and its navy, so it is good.

  4. 4


    excellent aerial images

  5. 5


    Hi Shiv,

    Just wanted to ask if you could give us any updates on how the various upgrade programs are progressing and what stage each one is at;

    – AN32 upgrade in Ukraine
    – MIG29 UPG in Russia
    – IN Sea Kings (AgustaWestland)
    – Russian upgrade of 130mm Guns
    – Mig27 upgrade by HAL
    – Jaguar upgrades


  6. 6


    West Pacific is far reach for Indian Navy.

    Great to exercise with US Carrier battle group.

    Any (US) sub participating?

    – nanovacuum (US)

  7. 7


    The US Navy really is something, It's amazing how the US military is always so photogenic and that there are US Military personnel to take awesome pictures.

    Why is it that the Indian Navy and Armed forces are always short of gifted photographers and cameras to capture the stunning and awesome reality that they are exposed to ?

    Public Relations is something the Americans can teach the Indian Navy and the Indian Military in spades. The Indian military is absolutely horrible at projecting itself. Whenever they try they make a total farce and come off as a laughing stock, which is sad considering that they do pretty amazing stuff.

    The Indian Military are probably the most under-rated military force.


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