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  1. 1


    Shiv goes full trhotle for the Europooding relic!

    goes typhoon goes!

    so Shiv could have figured on recents articles that rafale RBE2 AESA gen is brand new, 14kW output (know that a mmics is around 10W) that it supercruise at M1.4 with Air superiority , that the 91kN update will be ready at end of 2012, that on libyan operations French AF operate 2.5 more fighters than UK, that french AF didn't canibilise any other rafale parts, didn't removed any engine since the start, and Rafale had thousand of fly hours operational since 3 mounths !

    but no, Shiv is just spining for the eurostuff first meteor carrying, Rafale's carried meteor age ago!

    Thx alot Shiv for all this bioased peice of blogging!

  2. 2

    Uditt Lamba

    Anon @1:11
    umm…how exactly is this biased???
    he is just informing us about an upgrade…

  3. 3

    Raman Kumar Singh


    Not sure who is biased, Shiv or you.

    Guy is trying to do this out of his passion. If you have so much of problem then why don't you start your own blog, I would love to read from there and see what do you put-up.

  4. 4


    Wait , so it's shiv's fault that Eurofighter hasn't tested the Meteor yet?


    Some of you losers need to get a life.

  5. 5


    Geeez, "Rafale's carried meteor age ago"?????

    Only in your dreams son… 🙂

  6. 6


    Vader is right, no aircraft integrates Meteor yet, but at least French and Swedish governments already procured the missiles for Rafale and Gripen. The procurement for Typhoon is still pending and only integration has been financed so far.

  7. 7


    Saab Gripen is the _only_ platform that has fired a Meteor (at the RFN test range). Both Rafale and EF has so far backed down since they were "not mature enough". The Tornados were supposed to take their place, but they were also cut due to stop of funding for development.

    The Meteor is still under development by MBDA.

  8. 8


    @Anon 5:39 PM : right and wrong. The reason why only Gripen tested so far a Meteor on live has nothing to do with a "lack of maturity" of either Rafale or Typhoon ! The main question is a question of funding, which has been solved so far by the Swedes but also recently the French (200 missiles contracted for FAF Rafale).

  9. 9


    Guys, ignore Anon @1:11 .. hes a ratshaker. They usually come here from the bharat-ratshak forum and piss all over their place after they've finished their mental masturbation at the forum. Thats why he thinks Shiv is biased.


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