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    The Mirage looks a fantastic aircraft, doesn't it. Forget all the huffing and puffing coming out of Washington DC, India has made the right choices with its MMRCA shortlist.
    For once, it's "well done, New Delhi"!

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    Hi, in you report about the Rafale flight at Aero India, you stated:

    "The only person I personally knew who had flown a Rafale sortie was former Indian Navy chief Admiral Arun Prakash."

    If I'm not wrong this flight was in 2004 right? Are their any reports about his view of the fighter? Wouldn't it be interesting to interview him about this, in comparision with your own experience (although in different versions)?
    Also interesting would be his point of view about what relation the MMRCA has with the carrier fighter competition of IN.

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    Rafale is likely to be selected for the MMRCA but EADS have proposed the futuristic EF Typhoon which could be 80% Indian and 20% European this could be a game changer unless L1 bidding option is exercised which could pave for the French fighter.

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    India must opt for both EF and Rafale. We must look at the broader picture. So far MMRCA competition has been all about technical evaluation. But, we cannot discount the strategic and economic benefits that will accrue from such deals.

    EF, happens to be the better of the two and opting for the EF will strengthen ties with at least 4 major economic and military powers in the world (countries which China is desperately trying to woo in the current economic downturn).

    While awarding MMRCA contract to EF, we must at least opt for 4 sqns of Rafale. Reason being, at 3 billion$ for upgradation of 50 jets we can get brand new jet for almost the same amount. Apart from this, France has advanced nuke, space and missile tech. We can leverage such deals to gain access to restricted technologies. Currently we have put all our eggs in one basket i.e. Russia which is proving to be unreliable.Let's look beyond the mere technological and economic aspects of MMRCA competition.

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    Rafale's show his agility, not only in massacring the EFT into officials TLP or other exercises, but in air show too, though, this plane doen't had an engine change since Libya campaingn started, and each days there are 3 times more rafale operating in libya than EFT who has canibilised numerous Raf EFT to be able only to fly air watching missions, hahaha

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    Mr. Ra

    Thanx it landed after all.

    A truly agile and killer device, with Rafale we can get rid of all the apprehensions and anxieties of the past, present and future.

    France is our only friend apart from Russia and Israel. Its a pitiful situation but the fact is that all others have all the global interests.


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