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F/A-18 India
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    Thanks for the photos but we are not interested in what Boeing doing in US. You promised more info on Prahhar, where is that?

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    Shiv Aroor

    @Rajan: Info on Prahaar when I get it. It's that simple. If the C-17 photos offend your interest, nothing I can do, sorry.

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    what a spectacular factory. thanks for sharing, shiv.

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    Americans would continue to get orders of the transport planes but fighter planes is out of question as they still continue to give blind support to Pakistanis. They gave new F16 with new BVR missiles free to gain air superiority over Taliban air force.This overburdened the IAF to spend huge amount of money to keep up the edge.The American state department should do some searching as what they achieved by giving such aid on pretext of war on terror. IAF knows one thing if they buy American fighters there would be atleast 10 strings attached to it including they can control as to when these fighters can be used and in order to not upset Pakistan they would ban IAF from not using those planes against Pakistan. The US state policy is still of sixties and any nonsense from Pakistan is easily tolerated and forgiven.What worries me the nuclear program of Pakistan where nuclear warheads may go to radical elements.I would not be surprised tomorrow they may get 2 squadrons of F35 free as a gift from American government with powerful senators like john kerry in Pakistan's kitty.The transport planes that IAF buys would be downgraded versions as the state policy is still of sixties and the foreign relations committee still believes Pakistan as genuine friend and instead of declaring a terrorist state they would enjoy the free gifts from the present US administration.


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