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    ooooooooo… this gets more and more interesting.. cant wait to see the missile… this seems to be a beautiful one in appearance….

  2. 2


    Thanks @Shiv, Kindly keep us posted and update as soon as it is launched. We are eagerly awaiting for good news.

  3. 3


    Shiv get some proper scoop on this please. Prahaar has really left me confused. How can such a large missiles be fit on a truck with 6 launchers.

  4. 4


    at last we have launch tomorrow….. hope weather wont be hindrance in will be world class system

  5. 5


    does the real prahar look like this ?

  6. 6


    What this also revelas is that AAD can be six to a truck, offering good firepower for countering BMD surge attacks. Sarasawats comment that we can mass produce this missile cheaply in India also means the same can be expected of the AAD, on the back of which this missile was developed. Good graphic Shiv, and nice work by DRDO and partners in leveraging existing tech for new applications. As an engineer, this is a perfect example of reducing NRE or non recurring costs. You use the infrastructure for an existing project to develop a product family, driving costs even lower with volume production runs.

    Looking forward to the test, and more info to come out, now that Prasun has been wrong on pretty much everything he claimed, as usual, whether it be the indian version of an israeli missile, not an AAD spinoff, which it is, and six to a truck.

    It seems Col Jitendra Vyas who witnessed Prithvi trials was absolutely, right. Before the press statements came about linking this Prahaar to AAD, he noted to Sengupta:

    "And regarding your unresearched comment of Prahaar,that its an indigenised LORA, you are completely wrong at it again. It is a spin-off AAD.While LORA is a quasi ballistic missile, Prahaar is not.
    My sinciere advice is that, next time when you have to post, do research on it.Just dont post whatever pops in your mind."

    He also said about Prithvi:

    "Me being witnessed a trial launch,I assure you that the accuracy of the system has been brought down to 4-6mts.Other than the system being a liquid fueled,its still our best choice to take down the enemy targets with a wide variety of targets.Been using the system fora long time and having tested it multiple times,I will place my bet on using this one. All the inventory of 150`s which are ofcourse a huge number running into a number of hundreds has to be expelled to make room for new inventories.

    On the other hand you cant compare a system like prithvi to any other contemporary one. Prithvi lies in an entirely different block. IF accuracy is one factor, then its anti-ABM is another factor.

    Having been sitting on a huge pile of prithvi inventory, every new technology that goes into the next gen long range missiles is being tested on prithvis first.Before the anti-boost phase ABM system was put onto A-III its been tested on Prithvis. Just like all other INS and warhead detonation mechanisms and so on.
    We just have to accept that with no prithvi, there is no further development of missile technology in India."

    Really good to know Colonel sir. Colonel Vyas sir, the real one who said this, May I request you, if you are reading this blog, to post here more about the Prithvi, Prahaar (anything that can be shared publically that is). Shiv Aroor being a member of the accredited media, is likely to give you a fairer hearing than the abusive one you recieved on the other blog.

    Please do post more about these programs.

  7. 7


    every one pray that weather doesn't play spoil sport….and also pray that drdo release hi res pics…we just don't want plain sentence that the launch was successful…

  8. 8


    I don't care what it looks like, just as long as it performs as intended. Some things I do care about and want to know are:

    1) Range (I think this is intended to fill-in the gap between rockets and Pruthvi-I… so I guess between 30 to 150 KM range)

    2) I hope this is a guided missile like Pruthvi and other missles in the Indian missile program. If so, such a weapon could come in handy if Kargil like crisis was to happen again… of course I would hate to see any loss of life and thus I think weapons are best when never needed for anything but to deter your enemy.

    Shiv, thank you for sharing the information. You are one of the few that I trust and take seriously.

  9. 9

    Mr. Ra

    Prahaar may be the downsized version of indigenous Indian AAD interceptor missile, with the use of lighter warhead owing to new and more powerful explosive.

  10. 10

    Ru LCA

    If that is a AAD derivative then the speed and the accuracy will be top notch.

    Since aad is extremely slim it may not carry very high amount of explosive may be 100-250 kg war head to 150km.

  11. 11


    Good luck to the drdo guys ! for once please deliver.

  12. 12


    Pls clarify if it could carry low-capacity thermo-nuke devices..

  13. 13


    DD News on 21 july 9:15 in morning has reported that Prahar has been successfully tested. Congratulations and WELL DONE DRDO.


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