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    the indian

    jai hind proud feeling for our jawans NOT FOR CORRUPT POLITICIANS feels adrenaline rush when i see flag hosting on lal quila waitinf to see astonishing event tomorrow

    bharat maa ki jai

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    Deepak Datta

    A very very hearty congratulations on the 65 Anniversary of India's independence.India is being led by a secular government that would continue to ensure continued social harmony, strong defence, good goverence and a prosperous India.

    May India be granted a defence minister who would better understand India's defence needs and above all would make prudent and timely decisions.

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    Deepak Datta

    Shiv, congratulations of the 65th. anniversary of tndian Independence. We can only defend this independence with a strong. And credible defence.

    That process can be accelerated by freeing our defence sector of the shackles of the PSUs. We must bring in private players more aggressively to bring in efficiencies and accountability.

    Jai Bharat!


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