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    Could you please tell me if these pictures are from the IRSA?

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    What terrain avoidance equipment does the MiG-29 have ? Given the terrain see in your graphic…the a/c should have been flying higher….

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    Dear Shiv,

    Many thanx for the details of the SAR Operations and this update. Must appreciated.

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    There was a mid-air engine fire and explosion as reported by media !

    I dont think terrain was a factor if we were to belive what was reported in media

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    Arun Randhawa

    Thanks for your coverage of this topic. I have read so many comments so far (on other boards so far), how these internet experts pooh-pooh the IAF. Just by looking at this imagery, one can imagine, how tricky it must have been to navigate the Fulcrum at night in such a terrain. It is easy to say that just plugging a TERPROM could have averted this crash.

    For the sake of ruling out any malfunction in the MiG-29 strike fighter, I am sure the IAF is doing all it can to obtain the cockpit data recorder and piece together the details. Hoping against hope that the pilot has somehow made it. But unless he has sheltered in cave or crevice at that altitude…

    Since the last 3 years, reading about so many crashes and the fallen air warriors, makes me weep.

    Could you explain the source of this imagery?

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    Mr. Ra

    It is all utterly unfortunate. But actual reasons behind the crash have to be established for avoidance and improvement in future.

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    A distantly related question; Wondering if anybody knows the answer: The Phalcon AWACS system India purchased from Israel, is an Active Electronically Scanned Array system, which does not need a mechanically rotating dome on the fuselage of plane as in E3 Sentry or E2 Hawkeye. Yet, pictures of India's IL76 planes with Phalcon radar show them mounted with a rotating dome, as opposed to Israel's and Singapore's versions of the radar which are mounted on a panel above the fuselage. Why is this?

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    The IAF are now revising the training regime due to their unusually high accident rate :

    http://www.aviationweek.com/aw/generic/story_generic.jsp?channel=defense&id=news/awst/2011/10/24/AW_10_24_2011_p90-369995.xml&headline=India Revises Air Force Training Regime


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