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    I hope this goes through. I've been onboard four times since her conversion to a museum ship and I hope to go there often in the future.

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    Egotist establishments in India should learn from USS Intrepid in NYC …. really a crowd puller !

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    Want to see any positive thing in India

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    Hoping it happens soon. Thanks for bringing this issue to fore. As it is the online community is busy with India's planned acquisitions and arguing with the pro & cons of buying this new equipment vs that, however, very little is written is about these veterans of the past and their upkeep. Keep up the good work Shiv, and i sincerely hope that we as a country (apart from those directly involved in Vikrant's upkeep as of now) finally treat Vikrant with the respect it deserves- convert it into a full scale museum so that its heroics of the past are saved for the coming generations..

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    The IAC-I which is presently being manufactured at Cochin will be named as the INS Vikraant Later the IAC-II would also retain the name INS Viraat after the present one is decommissioned. It is Known that Admiral Gorshkov has been rechristened as INS Vikramaditya.

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    Yatharth Singh

    This thing standing here in the waters itself might not know how many sentiments, emotions, memories and heroic moments are stuck with it. How many tears were shed on it and how many smiles were spread across the faces during and after the war of 1971.

    It is extremely sad to know that still it is being maintained by navy itself from its allotted funds. Pretty disappointing!!!

    I know this that the politicians of India have not a pinch of respect for our soldiers and martyrs but they dont even have those memories when they have been young during 1971 and saw the victory of Indian Armed Forces. They dont even give it a thought. Shameless creature.

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    @yatharth singh
    india implies good people and bad politician you see…anything good= indian people…anything bad=indian politician

    the skepticism about public interest is well founded if one were to observe the interest on I-day and R-day!!!…forget about the various armed forces days!!!

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    Its the first Indian Aircraft carrier. Its place in the nation's history is beyond compare. I have been to the carrier museaum and found it to be a exciting and fun place for enthusiasts. The interior and exterior is astonishingly well maintained. I encourage private sector to invest in this piece of history and establish a maritime museum along with a submarine and warship.

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    it looks better than Gorshakov!!! may be we can recommission it again!!!


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