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    air force LSP-1 2 —-NAVY NP1 2 3 very havy amount of money invest in singal project HAL/ADA WHERE there not come but when govt. desire scrape project and invest in JAS39 USA AND USSR also backfoot of some A/C project so why india stand for lose aircraft where not indiginus engine avinoic rader it is burden for defence investment .

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    i just went to "Livelist.blogspot.com" instead
    of livefist…and you wanna know
    what i saw?

    try it…the site belongs
    to our all-time friend, as i can
    see from the lines…

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    Basically, ADA DRDO suffering from attitude problem of IAF, dnt know wat d hell with IAF, we knw dat delay is der in LCA n cursing DRDOn ADA for dat is not gonna help unless n until dey sit together. As IAF already knw dat…sanctions put d LCA schedule far behind d dead line estimated n dey knw wat difficulties u face to develope your own plane n dat too for first tym. But still wenever DRDO comes up wid LCA wid new solution dey come out some new problem, every project takes its own maturity time. In other words IAF is not adjusting with a DRDO at all. But in case of NAVAL LCA DRDO fails to identify dat navvy can be a better partner den IAF n DRDO is taking Navy for grantted. I hope something will change, if not done d thing is gonna be just like ARJUN MBT way, every time dey come up with improved version ARMY ask for some thing more…..which is ridiculous.

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    Till 2025 we will keep hearing talk of runway and taxi trials , then the flight trials, then avionics…Come financial year end, HAL/NAL DRDO etc will arm twist so that the air force /navy inducts a few of these so that their accounting and appraisals look good….then will start real live testing…whatever is inducted will any way be a technology surpassed by our adversaries…..the only real food it will give is to media,blogs for its continuous non -flight victory !!!
    In short the same L.C.A history..oops LCA History!!!, i goofed up there…the ongoing continuos LCA drama which can already make it to history books! and has left the air force crippled and given the overworked, Mig 21 a bad name

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    This is good for NAL/DRDO. Even though Navy may not be happy with this version of LCA, I am sure it can be improved with time. All Navy has to do is fly these small number and provide feedback that will come-in handy for DRDO to make changes. The next set of LSP may still not impress Navy, but are sure to be more satisfying than the ones that will come as a result of the current order for 8. If nothing, these can be used as trainers to gain valuable experience and ready the next generation of Navy pilots.

    One other cool thing I just saw on Yahoo news in the US is a railgun prototype for US Navy. Capable of shooting 40 pound projectiles to 50-100 miles, that's pretty cool for a prototype. Link here: http://news.yahoo.com/navy-railgun-tests-leading-ship-superweapon-2020-201003095.html

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    eagerly waiting for tejas induction

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    Mr. Ra

    It is a welcome news.

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    @anon at 5.06 PM,

    Don't use the SMS language in the comments. It is irritating. try spell things properly.

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    When is the first flight of the NP1 and the first flight of LSP7. It was being said that LSP7 had new set of systems integration of which was delaying its first flight. Shiv saar can you find out the details of these new systems that were added on LSP7


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    Even if it turns out the Indian Navy just orders F-35s or Rafale Ms in the end the babu worshippers will just be like 'What do those mere mortals know! Flying chariots built by the ADA: The Gods of the Sky themselves, will surpass in rickety foreign maal made by mortal hands!'


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