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    if successful, it will make Indian water almost invincible…in a way Brahmos-3 will play a more crucial role compared to the one carried by Mki's. I expect that it will be able to target land based targets as well…and then imagine entire fleet of IAF's mig 29's carrying it along with MKI's…Brahmos is turning out to be real Brahmastra …any update on Astra..??

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    Soumya pandit

    Should focus on nirbhay missile

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    India should work on it seriously.

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    A standoff range of ~300 km at sea is formidable.
    While an Su-MKI based offensive capability armed with the BrahMos can pretty much cover the Bay and the Western Sea from ashore, covering the IO with this combination is not possible. It would be still nicer if we could have an aerial over sea platform that could carry a battery of BrahMos. I'm thinking of a Gatling like carrier fixed inside a Tu-22 or a P8I (which wld make the latter useless for anything else) that could do a ripple salvo. The B1 does carry something like that and can deliver massive tonnage.

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    Great news! India should also seriously think of getting its Mig-29k fighters the AESA radar capability, something which is being done for the Mig-29ks being ordered by the Russian Air force. And yes, India should also expedite the development of the Nirbhay cruise missile.

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    WHY insisttence on brahmos?
    just integrate Russian ASM or Harpoons is Sukhoi certified for that year trial seems just to vague

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    At the same time, try deploying a platform like Tu-22. Mig-29 or even Su-30 can't carry more than one such missile. A fast heavy bomber like Tu-22 will be a far better platform.

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    Smaller and lighter always translate into shorter range, likely closer to 100km or less. Rafale is not going to be able to lug anywhere near a Brahmos. Then why not get the supersonic Kh-31 which is already qualified on Mig-29. Looking down 10 years, I would say that missiles with 300km range or less will lose most of their appeals. The future will be in Mach 10 rail cannons. Much cheaper, much harder to shoot down, and easily 300km range or even greater. One just need to fire a salvo of dozen shots and the target is history. No need for explosives, the kinetic energy alone will obliterate the target. I am predicting the return of the battleships with 300km+ 16-inch rail cannons.


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