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    Your blog is a bit light on analysis and insights. Breaking news and all is good but a little more thought would do us all some good. cheers

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    Christopher Geoffries

    I like the the flexibility of the Lockheed-Martin C-130J 'Sea Hercules'. The ability to simply roll out the package and have a regular C-130J for transport use.

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    For 6 contenders in mmrca it took 6 years to decide, now for mrmr there are 8 contenders which will definitely take 8 years. My opinion is that India should go for mix of jet(for high altitude) & turboprop(for low altitude)variants.

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    if the defence planners have some king of common sense left in them then there are only the 3 logical choices for plaltform the c-130 , the boeing p-8 or the Embraer ERJ 145 so that we can have some type of commonality among the 3 forces

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    There is hope. If NDA returns to power in 2014 AK Antony, Pallam Raju and assorted Mr Clean clowns will be kicked out of the MOD and we may get a speedy decision again.

    The rest of the world must be laughing at our government for its need to invite every plane manufacturer in the world whenever it wants to make a purchase. Just see if any 1 platform from a known supplier has desired features and buy it! That's what was done back in NDA times, like with Hawk AJTs, Vikramaditya, Akula-IIs, Su-30MKI, Talwar frigates etc.

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    They all are good. Keep spending Forex, shopaholic India.

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    Mr. Ra

    They should be tested and then compared at various conditions like the MMRCA contest. But they should now do it speedily.

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    Anon @ 2:39

    Personally i prefer the 'no analysis' part of this blog.
    there are several other blogs which will give you all kinds of analysis whichever way you like it.

    @ shiv
    Your blog makes for excellent reading & thats generally why it is the first thing i check in the morning.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Go for either P-8 or Sea Hercules.
    Since we would be already operating other variants of them before we get these MRMR, lesser
    logistics and overhaul of facilities would be required.

    Plus we need to strengthen ties
    with US now.

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    8 Sea Hercs Plzzz 🙂

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    Embraer, Boeing or LM will win this one because of commonality.


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