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    And next time if we build an Advanced Nag missile carrier we can call it "Anamica"!

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    NAMAICA is lookin damn good….hope it performs and is inducted in huge no.

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    How the optical gunner sight gets protected from missile plumes? will shutter operates and closes the sight each time a missile is fired?
    Hope so!!!

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    IAF and IA keeps changing their requrement well its looks like they don,t know what they need. Atleast indian navy is doing right thing they stick to their statement and normally shows more trust in indigenious technology than other two branches.

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    Mr. Ra

    Wishing all the best for these test/trials.

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    Anon 9.43…

    I think its a laser designator or some other targeting devise rather then optical gunner site.

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    Hi Shiv,

    Will this carrier be provided with 12.7 mm anti aircraft gun, or any other weapon (self defence)for the troops inside?

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    prashant gupta

    Have a Question Shiv.Why Army rejected the Spike and Chose Javlin .As per my information javlin is way too costly (around 75k$) per missile so how can we afford such expensive missile and what is a hurry of buying such missile when 2nd generation Milan and Konkar-M Missiles doing the job.Javlin is a great Missile but its way too costly.These days we are we are buying some of the most expensive weapons and everytime reason is to counter China but i think if we really have to prepare well to counter China then this money should be invested in improving infrastructure along the LOC which is in bad shape.Improve BRo capabilities so that they can build these roads qucikly.China is showing aggression on LOC not because we are weaker but they know that we are not in position so show our full strength in those areas due to poor infra.Hope this showoff will stop and we start concentrating on ground realities.

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    Namica looks good.Hope soon get the operational version.

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    prashant… the reason is the same why Nag is not in use while we still want to buy PARS-LR / Hellfire / Brimstone etc….DRDO doesnt provide the juicy titbits that Swiss based middlemen can hand out….

    The Chief of the IA has publicly said he was offered a bribe…what chance do mid level Colonels and Brigadiers have when faced with such a culture….


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