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    shiv waiting for your report on pinaka…please post it…jo wada kiya vo nibhana padega

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    Can a slimmed down version of this be used for Coastal protection??
    We could have tested and proven this on land applications before taking to the skies.
    Another lost opportunity !!

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    Sainulabid Pothangodan

    Shiv why avoid LCA, go for update

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    Hope this will not end up as a show piece.No doubt it involves complex AESA ,data link and other cutting edge technologies …They do need time to integrate and flight test the system to validate their maths…Best of luck Dr. Christopher and team.

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    Here we go again, the talk of being in elite groups.

    Hell, just get the work done and fly those things in production release mode already. The rest will follow. You are scientists not politicians.

    Don't give people a reason to hate and ridicule.

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    Shiv, can you please post an article on status of LCH, LCA and IAC.
    When Chinese are ready with there second stealth fighter, where are we on MCA and FGFA.
    Yes we are expecting lot from you

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    Spirit of Exuberance

    It seems the projects LCA, LCH and IAC has gone with the winds….
    No update since a long time….

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    I was looking through the CABS website and credit where it is due I must say…in a pocket sized platform they have put in a primary radar + IFF, 5 OWS+ rest area/galley/toilet, plus ESM, CSM, RWR/Chaff/Flares and Sensor fusion with integrated data handling plus V/UHF comms links to both ground based and other fighters. Plus it has SATCOM and IFR…
    This is actually pretty cool engineering and the DRDO chief is right they have put in more stuff than several other similar platforms..
    Will be a very powerful system for sure


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