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    the link provided is for last year's air force day parade. you can see Gen VK Singh in it..

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    This video plagiarised many aerial shots of Mirage 2k from the French Movie 'Sky Fighters' (Les Chevaliers Du Ciel) and the shot of the Herc firing off all its flares simultaneously is from a RAAF promo film.

    Seen this many times in the Indian media, they copy (without acknowledgement) shots from foreign media to make it look like IAF.

    What gives? Very unprofessional. I hope the gent who made this video reads this and realise that we are not idiots!

    My2Cents from Oz.

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    liked the sukhoi with 80
    nice job
    and nice blog, keep it up

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    dr saurabh

    did they just showed f16's at 4:03…..

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    dr. saurabh it seems so…..but in the context of showing radar capabilites and air defence… makes sense showing enemy aircraft for a brief period of time……but the video is very amateurish…..they are talkin about operation and video's are used showing ppl moving in leisurely pace… fault of the force….just tat the video apparently was never shot in the correct context or an actual drill.We will never invest in a good Advt. agency to get such videos done…….

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    Instead of nit picking why the hell dont you guys enjoy the damned video? Its one thing critiquing from your armchairs, quite another making a video which has its heart in the right place. Let go amigos……


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