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    looks good. what ATGMs will it carry?…nag or shturm etc?

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    Sumitabh Ghosh

    The bird looks awesome!! what will be its color in the Army ?

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    Good Work Shiv…Thanks !
    It seems ALH Rudra does not have even a single ATGM (Anti Tank/Armour Missile )integrated with it at the moment.

    Though I believe only Two (02)nos HELINA (Heli Born NAG Ani Tank Missile) will be integrated later…

    Practically If I think that Rudra is going to Help and provide close air support to our Infantry and Armoured Brigades while staying close with Brigade during Attack,
    Then with only two Helina ATGM will be really effective against our enemy Tank/Armoured columns …paving the way for our Infantry and Tank questionable. Compare this with any other contemporary armed/combat helicopter..i believe all has at-least 8-16 ATGM carrying capacity during a attack mission along side their Army columns!!!

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    LoL, hal & drdo wallahs boasts of nonsense talks. With this given specification, forget apache or mi28 even f22 & j20 will run away from Indian air-space.

    1. 4.1


      Ok… Now go back to taxi driving

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    To Anon @5:30PM

    It will likely carry 8 x Lahat or CLGM missiles. If it decides to take Helina, it can carry only 4 because of the increased weight.

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    Shiv i want to ask you a question, can post some update about HAL LCH, about the FOC of LCH?

  7. 7


    Great work.
    HAL/DRDO must aim for 100% indigenisation of Dhruv / Rudra. What is annual manufacturing capacity of the Helicopter. HAL must now aim for commercial success of the Helicopter. For this purpose, it needs to increase production and export both civilian and military versions of the Helicopter.
    While talking about commercial / marketing interests of products from Defense PSUs, I wish to ask the purpose of visit of chief of IAF to Israel. India is such a large market that if summoned, the CEOs of all companies of Israel will come running to India. We should not buy any military hardware from any country at the cost our own industry. IAF Chief must participate in earliest induction of LCA for active service in IAF.

  8. 8

    Mr. RA

    Overall it is an excellent news.

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    I like the name "Rudra". Will wait to watch what Avataar's it will come up with. Kudos to those who were involved in building this.

  10. 10

    Dhruva Mishra


    There are two types of helicopters—light attack and heavy attack….the ones who can carry 8 ATGMs are the heavier versrions like the Apache or The Tiger….The ALH design was primarily meant for Siachen operations…and what it lacks in firepower, Rudra can make up in numbers….IAF & Indian army will together operate more than 200 Rudras and LCH….while IAF can have only 22 Apaches

  11. 11


    Apologies for the n00b question…but with weaponization does it means this model can no longer carry troops…

  12. 12


    Hi Shiv,

    are the FLIR and other avionics the same as TOPLITE?


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