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    Hope it prevents 26/11 type attacks. Small vessels can slip in without notice. pakistan navy submarine can do the same job for ferrying the terrorists un noticed close to indian shore. Think about it. Will Orion P8i can now detect the hostile pakistan naval submarines surreptitiously entering the Indian waters.

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    "well armed" is probably NOT the exact word that comes to my mind when the only armament it carries is a 76 mm gun. And it is a 2200 ton vessel for crying out loud.

    Why couldn't they fit in a couple of 533 mm torpedo tubes and a RBU-6000 launcher to give it some ASW teeth or a 6-12 cell AA launcher (MR-SAM or Shtil)? Comparative Russian and Western platforms this size have ASW, AA and AShM capability and here we do not have a single AA, ASW or AShM capability?

    Neways, best of luck in a hostile environment with toothless platforms like this.

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    @Guru 08:29,

    Before crying out loud,have noticed that it says,'OPV'Off-shore Patrol Vessel.
    If you knew what duties are required for a ship of this class by the IN,you would not be saying what you are.

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    76 mm radio guided gun is more then enough , although I do admit a ASW AND AAW warfare suite would have being nice .

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    Pal… do a bit research… this vessel is built and designed for coastal defense and patrol …. armed with x 76 mm Oto melara gun with FCS PLUS 2 x 30 mm CIWS…..

    A little more research will show that vessels of this class ie OPV , with different navies of the world, is similar in built design and its duties are almost same..

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    @Guru- totally agreed.

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    @ guru

    do you know the features of 76mm gun system ????? HUH ???

    just for record It can engage targets as far as 110 km away .


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