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    Shiv, the pix came out come years ago

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    No match for the PAF F-16s

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      STFU GTFO Bhikari paki f16 are shit!

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      Mig 21 bison is more than enough for f16. We have the codes from israel and Singapore.

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    when will the next IN Harrier crash? any bets?

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    To anon at 1.06AM: Incorrect. Not seen Harriers tanking up in the air so far. This could quite easily be the first pic in the public domain. Else, can you point to the earlier pics?

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    @Anon 10:35
    Harriers no match for PAF F-16s? Even drones seem to be more than a match for PAF F-16s pounding porki a$$e$ 24*7 . You are lucky if F-16 gets air borne in case of any exigency. Why do you think harriers will come alone? They will be accompanied by big daddies Mig-29K and Su-30mki and then it will be feeding frenzy for IAF. Your cheap Chinese planes won't even know what hit them. PAF will have 250 planes even their best. East meat for MKI and Rafale. Protect your planes and AWACS from inbred terrorists and dream about dealing with IAF later.
    A squadron of Su-30MKI armed with R-77 will be give enough nightmares to porki pilots to press eject button. Stop polluting blog with your madarssa education and enjoy your favourite past time "eating grass".

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    This pic of the SHARs lining up to refuel has been on the Interwebs for some time. @Anonymous 1:06 AM isn't too off the marks.
    Here is a lil' larger sized ver of the pic. Also shows a MiG-29K

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    Paki f16 or the jf bundar No match for Tejas and SU-30 MKI period!

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    Seen what indian drones are capable of….they could not track the naxalites forget tracking Chines/Pak movements.

    And yes Mig-21 is a POS…. brownies from drdo messed up with it completely. Even indian manufactured SU-30 have crashed.

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    Agreed, Chinese are cheap, but indian stuff is the cheapest. Hats of to the brave pilots who die not of enemy bullets but crappy indian equipment

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    Shiv..No Offence but u are increasingly becoming unproductive….while other defence bloggers are continuosly producing new stories,new analysis…..unfortunately u are content with just posting a pic of Harrier with re-fuelling and even that too turned out to be pretty old.I used to be an active reader of ur blog but all i now get it one pic of this or that……I think u urself have to take blame for this situation as u have increased the appetite of ur readers…
    All i can say is..Come up man with some real interesting stories about our projects like LCA where its is lagging ? what are the Problems…
    Progress on Kolkata Class Destroyers et cetera….

    Sorry for this harsh review but i only said this for ur own sake…

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    Its been happening for a long time though….you've seen the pictures now

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    Shiv Aroor

    Anon@9.47PM: Point taken, and appreciate the feedback. It's been a terrifically busy few months. Am in the process of getting back on track to posting new stuff everyday. Thanks for writing in! — Shiv

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    Have you ever seen Pakistani war heroes ?
    Neither has Pakistan.

    Did you hear about the terrorist that hijacked a 747 full of Pakistanis?
    He threatened to release one every hour if his demands weren't met.

    An insect falls into a mug of beer….
    Englishman : Throws his mug away and walks out
    American : Takes the insect out and drinks the beer
    Chinese : Eats the insect and throws the beer away
    Indian : Sells the beer to the American and insect to the Chinese and gets a new mug of beer..
    Pakistani : Accuses the Indian for throwing insect into his beer. Relates the issue to Kashmir. Asks the Chinese to back him
    up. Takes a loan from the American to buy one more mug of beer.

    How do you recognize a Paki flag in a war?
    It's white!

    How do you stop a Pakistani tank ?
    Shoot the men who are pushing it.

    How do you disable Pakistani missiles ?
    Cut the rubber band

    Why did the new Pakistani navy refit their boats with glass bottoms after the war?
    So they can see the old Pakistani navy.
    Scene: trench warfare on Pakistan border, Sikh regiment on one side, Rawalpindi rifles on the other.
    Suddenly Kartar Singh gets a bright idea and shouts! "Oye Abdul!" A Paki pops up from the opposite trench "Kya hai be?" BANG!

    He's shot dead!
    "Oye Karim" 2 Pakis stand up, "Kya hai saala?" BANG BANG both are killed!
    "Oye Mustafa!" 2 more, BANG-BANG! Another two down!
    Pakis get worried, they think bastard Sardarjis, when did they get so smart? Decide to try it themselves.
    "Abe Gurdev Singh!" ..Silence… "Oye Gurdev Singh!!".. silence.. "O Bhai, Gurdev Singh!"
    Sardar shouts back "Oye Gurdev Singh ko kaun bula raha hai re?"
    Paki gets up, "Main hoon, Ashraf!" BANG!
    Pakistan just got their new Chineses fighter planes and sent a squadron of pilots there for training.
    "Ok, this one is easy to fly", said the Chinese trainer, "Even you fools should be able to operate it! You press this button

    to go up, this one to go left and this one for turning right!"
    "But how do we come down?" asked Capt. Arfath Pasha.
    "Oh," said the Chinese "leave that to the Indian Air Force!"

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    Shiv, The pics may be out in public for the first time but they've (SHAR) been carrying out air to air refuelling (both from the tanker nd in buddy mode) for a few years now. Since 2008 I think.


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