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    "Ask any MiG-21 pilot and he will sure have a story or two when the aircraft literally brought him safely out of a particularly tricky situation…."

    Can't say whether the jet brought them safely or not but unfortunately many of them are not alive today to tell their stories.

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    No wonder… c1108 can change to c1118… pc7 II… vvip's… parameters can also change… mid flight…

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    Shiv, this is a gem! I would have missed it had you not reposted it. Thanks

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    V shld hv retired these ones way back.still it is a flying coffin. Speed up mmrca and tejas.

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    Now give this MIGs- 21 a decent burial. You can't wrest on laurels. Time to move on. Concentrate on Tejas. That's where the future is.

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    I think the emotional / nostalgic attachment to the MiG-21 is what makes the past few IAF chiefs so unwilling to let it retire and induct the Tejas.

    Tejas is probably seen as a haughty wannabe, against the genteel MiG-21 of yore. The latter's continuum of legends are threatened by the upstart from Bengaluru.

    Tejas' video-game like promise seem to blight this historic product of the cold-war. Who but IAF pilots understand the heightened days gone by when MiGs ruled the Indian skies ? Heightened because it was the Indian MiGs vs. Pakistani sabres and F-16s — a microcosm of the larger cold-war played out in the Indian subcontinent.

    And along comes this IT-enabled Tejas. Like a shiny new mixer-grinder or mobile phone, that promises to iron out the old and make your life happy!

    Arey, but when IAF pilots love the MiG-21 warts & all, the memories and its exploits, how can there be acceptance for the Tejas ?

    Maybe the Tejas should never have been marketed as a "MiG-21 replacement", which anyway its not since it can replace all other jets except the nuke-capable Jaguar, and the Su-30 MKI. Now you know why marketing a product is so important apart from the product itself.


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