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    What madness! I live in Bangalore and can tell you upfront that HAL does business which equates to someone who cannot differentiate from it's right from the left, so to speak.

    1st, HAL should get the Tegas into the IAF. Who cares about this stupid trainer that they are trying to develop.

    The MoD also is adding to this nonsense. How are they directing HAL in this scrappy way. They need to give a boot up HAL's backside and get them to perform.

    Where is the Defence Minister? Ohhhhh…he is busy goofing up statements in parliment.

    Bring General V.K. Singh back to give the DM, MoD & HAL an azz whipping….

    Lastly. Why is HAL not headed by an Airforce Marshal? Makes sense if HAL's biggest customer is the Airforce.

    Air Marshal Browne…I like your dialogues…don't stop…who knows…listening to them, HAL may say they want to build the 5th Generation fighter when India has already negotiated for the PFA-T 50

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    OOOOH NOOOOOO ! We will need another scale model that will gather cobwebs and never see the light of day. PELEAAAASE , tell me this is not happening !

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    Competent authorities you said ??

    Ha Ha Ha ….

    I am sure you joked …..

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    well that is good…coz going by the HAL timelines HTT40 might just be flying when the IAF would start retiring the pc-7s(sarcasm intended)..

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    It is a mindless fight for ego from HAL and it is fighting it with taxpayers hard earned money…it has no right to waste our money on such useless adventures of theirs…it is really ashtonishinig that MoD is allowing such wasteful spendings in one hand and cutting down on important purchases like howitzers and ballistic helmets on the other hand….our defence procurements are in ultimate pandemonium now.
    HAL jave done next to nothing as far as indegenisation of defence is concerned.All they've done in over 70 years of existence is licence produce foreign aircraft nd still MKIs are being produced at a pathetic rate of 12 a year.The mcdonald aircraft company(makers of f-15) was established at about the same time as HAL in 1939.by contrast,the only useful products from HAL have been Dhruv and krishak.HPT 32 was a disaster nd IJT is still uncertain. And here we have HAL inspite of its past and recent failures ,bragging that their aircraft would meet both IAF specified specs and timelines and accusing them of not supporting indeginisation.

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    Has HAL in the first place produced the flight stimulator for Tejas LCA.

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    J Thomas

    It's vital for the instructor in the rear seat to have a good view of the runway during the landing approach. The HTT-40 seems to be deficient on this score.

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    Why doesnt HAL AR&D (not ADA, ADE, NAL) simply prove it is capable of designing a trainer by coming clean about the HPT-32 that has killed so many IAF pilots ?

    Let them tell the world what was wrong and how they figured it out and how they can fix it ? Two decades have passed by…

    If HAL cannot be an expert on 30yr old design technology, they have no right to taxpayer money or IAF orders for 'new technology'


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