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    Italy has been extremly un-cooperative with Indian legal system with corruption investigations.
    Indian govt is perfectly within its rights to ban a company based out of a un-cooperative country especially in sensitive matters of defence.
    Take precedent from US on how it comes down on un-cooperative countries in similar cases.

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    The real culprits are the recipients of the bribes- put them in prison forever. In India cops ask for bribe – would you punish the cop or the person who is forced to cough up money?

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    well , i don't get it…

    AW101 passed all requirements for VVIP chopper tender,

    its the only one that fits IAF requirements

    Besides, if i am not wrong the real problem to this deal is finmeccanica

    AW101 is completely Legit, so just go through it…

    Why should we cancel the tender….

    are we waiting for wake up call…..

    like losing the president of republic of INDIA in chopper crash,

    i know it doesn't sound good….

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    At least tell us who all got the Ghoos will you people?


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