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    victor raj

    Why are we not reverse engineering anything like china.

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    shiv, how can we sell Brahmos to other countries?? As and when a country expresses its interest in this missile, russia sends their sales folks to meet that countries MOD. As long as it is not 100% Indian product, it is going to be impossible to sell the product out side of Indian armed forces.

  3. 3

    joydeep ghosh

    @Shiv Aroor

    as per your points, i wish to make my observations

    1. the air launched Brahmos will definately fly by year end

    2. the sub launched Brahmos is a non starter simply bcoz whats the point in firing a 300 km missile when a 1000 km sub launched Nirbhay can do a better job

    3. Russia will never induct Brahmos simply bcoz it has no need for such missiles. it already has PJ 10 (the forefather of Brahmos) and its derivatives

    4. Indeed indian content in Brahmos can be increased subject to deals being signed

    5. hypersonic BrahMos-II, BrahMos-M will be ready only by 2020

    6. exports of Brahmos is possible but who will buy them when they can buy the original PJ-10 from Russia itself


    Joydeep Ghosh

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    7… master… engine… technologies…

  5. 5

    rajaruban chettiar rajindram

    When the day we understand and practice "Reverse Engineering" policy,our country achieves the independence it needed badly in all defence and civillian market

  6. 6


    Nation of 1.3billions brains still need nation 300million to help them. Pathethic

  7. 7


    I am more than sure that Vietnam wants to buy the Brahmos. AFAIK, the ball (response) is in the Indian side to decide.

  8. 8


    The reason Russia refuses to induct Bahmos is simply because Russia has got the same missile with different name but with no missile technology limit of 180 miles so why should Russia use one with less range. And please remember Rusdia gives you state of the ar thing like they gave you mig 29 in 90s so be respectful to
    You sll weather freind.

  9. 9


    how does russia not buying it constitute india being a 'pushover'? as if russia must be pushed over to prove india is not a pushover. fact is, to buy a range limited derivative of an existing russian missile makes NO sense. brahmos is a 50/50 jv, not a vehicle for india's aspirations alone. selling to 3rd parties is a good idea, and already approved by the russian partner, and bII seems to fit into russia's future plans: coordinating with them, at contractor and governmental levels, is the best way to facilitate future russian orders for brahmos II, not trying to scheme how to whittle down their involvement in JV. such amazing shortsightness and pettiness.

  10. 10

    William Braylen

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