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    Any word on its use at BAF ?

  2. 2


    Dakota is synonymous with bygone era. Even the current MIG 21 has become dakota. Expedite Rafale deal and make MIG21 a dakota soon.

  3. 3


    How this plane will be transported to Bangladesh. Its pretty sure that it cant fly on its own, then if to be transported by road, it needs to disassembled.

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    Hasna Hana

    Shiv, why you don't cover India china border face off? this time India stationed more soldiers to deter Chinese aggression.

  5. 5


    Though you keep posting on this blog, your quality of posts have steadily gone down. When more pictures of controversial issues are needed, you are posting Dakota.

    Come on.. what happened to pictures of Chinese in Chumur or Demchok?

  6. 6


    Shiv,all this is fine,but would like you to take a look at how our Defence preparedness is being stalled by Defence accounts department.The grapevine is that the Integrated financial advisor of western navy command turned down the file for submarine batteries and this resulted in the submarine fire of INS sundhukesari. The financial advisor of the eastern navy command at Vizag also keeps putting hurdles in operational requirements but no one has the courage to overrule him.The navy officers are fed up with this guy as he sits on files for minimum 3 months and takes bribe from vendors.If this is true,we are looking at another disaster where we court martial the CO and these jokers are not even touched

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    I always get a unsafe page warning when I visit your website Shiv. I have Bitdefender anti virus installed and it blocks your website with an message saying "This page is blocked by Bitdefender Antifraud filter."

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  9. 9


    The tie between India and Bangladesh is more stronger than before.

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    Dom Pereira

    Shame on India for donating a piece of history to another country.This aircraft played a crucial role in the historic air lift of troops to protect kashmir from Pakistan intruders.


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