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    If an fbw failure is so rare .. How can u estimate two out of 3 crashes owing to it.. I would rather request u to please bring out the incidents related to fbw failure and then a clear picture to what is actually happening can be infered.. Also ols elaborate to the incidents referring to auto firing of the martin baker seats…

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    Fbw is not specific as a reason. Its a set of flight laws, can't go wrong in a regular flight.. The reasons are usually very specific and small, if they are not related to engine/ other mechanical failure.
    Using a sweeping term like possible fbw failure is a lazy conjecture

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    "indicating a problem with the FBW control system itself as well as the position of the switches"

    Seriously, didn't the airforce test pilots fly the aircraft before buying it?? Didn't the test pilots who are taught elaborately about fly by wire systems check the systems of this aircrafts… the HAL when they started manufacturing/ assembling the aircraft and the airforce engineers check the quality of the electronics to see whether they are fail proof.

    Also blaming the FWB is the easiest thing to do. Both the pilots and the IAF are cleared of any responsiblity or work.

    So whats next? A cockpit design that has been in used with so many air forces for last 30+ years needs a redesign….? in the end it would be IAF who would pay the money…

    Blaming the fly by wire would also mean further burden on IAF's pocket. DO you think the Russian's would do stuff for free. Even if they do it , under the terms and conditions, they would recover the costs by increasing the prices of future Su 30s.

    Fancy Thrust vectoring, and INdian, US, israeli parts are to be blamed, if its not pilot error. A hundred percent russian aircraft would have been better to operate and maintain.

    IAF has to fly Sukhoi just because there is no indigenous aircraft solution. If HAL, NAL, DRDO can't do it, let airforce have its own aircraft building division like in the past.


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