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    Good luck and god speed to Arihant success as well to brave officers taking the vessel out for trial.

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    @shiv already under built lol it should be already under construction

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    sumit guin

    Its like "Music to Ears",5 SSBN in Seven years!! If the news is true,then India should consider consider ,constructing well fortified submarine pens with state of art communication facilities and Quarters for entire Naval contingent.The entry and Exit points should be well guarded b'coz that is the most vulnerable points where enemies can pin down or start tracking our movements.Considering the new developments in the neighborhood say Bangladesh or Myanmar where chines presence is growing day by day ,we should also install submerged sonars in all the three Oceans so that any movement by those intruders can be detected in real time ,also we should plan to construct more SSN to accompany our SSBN, CBGs and 2 extra SSN is required for replenishment due to repairs and refits and to relieve fatigue crew members.


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