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    Why not pitch this one for vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.

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    It is a fantastic achievement. Maybe all the 30 years of slogging to create a ecosystem will begin paying off now.
    Hats off to all those who laboured so many years. Lot of the. would have retired , will no doubt feel proud of the foundation they helped to setup.

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    If IAF is so satisfied with the performance of this system then why ordering only 2 when IAF has a requirement of 6 to 10 more AWACS.we have got a vast area to cover and these cost effective systems can do the job for us. They have the inflight refueling capability so coverage area should not be a problem.Now why IAF need 3 diffrent type of AWACS 1. Israel – Russian 2. Indian Brazilian and the 3 one is ( A-330 as per the latest wishlist for IAF ).This will be logical nightmare for any force to maintain such a complex systems with diffrent platforms.

    If we just need to have 2 of such system then why we wasted so much time to indigenously developing them when we have option to buy off the shelf similar systems like the one pak bought.

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    Gilberto Rezende-Rio Grande/RS

    For me our Indo-Brazillian Project after was a clear under dog in this race for the E-Surveillance India's fleet.
    But with REVO capacity, as the Indian hardware will proven well and trusted in his operational trials, there's a great chance to be a winner cause you can build more systems and use more with the REVO option…
    By the way, how about buy too 4/6 KC-390 from Brazil dedicated to a very fast jet REVO to maintain vigilance with 12 EMB-145I AWACS as long India wishes over a very huge area of the Indie Ocean ?

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    What's amazing is to see a woman leading this project along with oldies. I wonder whether the selfie generation has noticed this. Currently most qualified IIT students want to rush to the U.S. or as in current fashion sell mobiles or shoes via flip kart. Haha
    Not to put anybody down but where is the excellence?

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    Raahul Kumar

    I hope this is exported to many countries and this could be the start of many more collaborations with Brasil in the aerospace sector.

    The DRDO has to commercialize this, the IAF's orders won't be enough to pay back the development costs.


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