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    Raahul Kumar

    This is excellent news, can't wait when the tests finish in March and the whole lot finishes delivery. The Malaysian airlines flight demonstrated what large gaps in air defence all of Asia has, we need to close them. If an airliner can fly through, then obviously a bomber can do so as well.

  2. 2


    Great news. I think 3 of them are already on order by IAF. Any idea how many of these does IAF will aquire considering the fact that additional 2 falcons with lsrael radars mounted on russian IL 76 are not matarialized yet.

  3. 3

    Raahul Kumar

    It seems only 3, since the IAF hasn't placed any more orders. That's why it is big news that Embraer is looking to export them, so rather than think of only the IAF, there are many other customers out there who are willing to pay money for good hardware.

    In regards to the phalcon, we already have 3, and 2 more are on order.


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    captial P

    @ Rahul Kumar

    What you need is robust permanent surveillance mechanisms which may largely comprise ground based radars and so forth..AEW & C has very tactical application and is limited by time and space.

    Networking of Civil radars and application by civil ATCOs (national security orientation) in enforcing safe skies can only add to the effort already put in by the military and probably that's the way ahead


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