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    Dalip Bhati

    Shri Aroor why are people quite about the engine What is happening with collaboration with BHEL

  2. 2


    AMCA is waste of public money without VTOL technology its just opportunity to sell,

    GE, Boeing, SaaB and other US defense companies to sell their components so that, HAL can assemble at their premises,

    & not to forget "Painting" which gives feeling of indigenous achivement

  3. 3

    Biju Mannazhath

    Hate the scribd reader. Can we get in another format.

    Just cribbing about inefficiencies don't work. Instead of working for high paying jobs, go and work for HAL and try to fix. If you are not ready to do that let them work the way it does today and bring in marginal efficiencies slowly.

    VTOL will put penalties on aircraft performance. We are talking about 4 ton's of weight for ability to go vertical. Once we get up in the air what's the use of that equipment?

  4. 4


    why go to HAL and try to fix ??

    when we can buy F-35 in 40 million USD from US directly ?? then why waste public money to assemble in India at HAL when they also negotiate parts from US companies ?

    In fact it will be cheaper in future

    if why VTOL then why HAL ? no need to insist on because its:

    Navy (Carrier) friendly, Airforce & Army friendly

    works in all climatic/ geo. condition & require less dependency on runway, quick to air etc. hundreds of reason to support it

  5. 5


    How many times will the date keep changing for Tejas to be ready? the adversary will not wait for tejas to be ready to wage a war, although just an assembling those pakis are atleast building numbers of JF, while we are still waiting for the basic components.

    The change of requirements as an excuse is even worse, we cannot have a yester year technology to match the contemporaries. Our earnest request to HAl and ADA is SPEED UP the work for Heavens sake!!

    Get inspired with the work of LCH atleast! It was a joy to see an Indian Chopper making wonders and beautiful to see it with Helina's again an Indian made.

    Think out of the box, bring more intelligent changes on the LCA to fit the needs of the country. Please sir we cannot be so relaxed to get the dates changing. Brave men alone is not enough to defend the country, it also needs the technology.
    Please work for the nation than just for selfish gains of govt jobs, take up the challenge and speed up the work. We are starting to hate the PSU's as the time is moving without any progress an that too at the need of the hour.


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