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  1. 1

    Skyhigh Saikanomie

    Great series of articles. keep it up.

  2. 2


    When LCA Mk II would get the FOC ? 2025?

  3. 3

    Tako Nada

    Good piece if work, need to know more about midget submarines, Dhruv-WSI and LCH update.

  4. 4


    Hi Shiv Any idea on LCA MK2 timelines? Also which one would be developed first Naval or Air force one? When are the new engines are expected to be available.


  5. 5

    Dalip Bhati

    Could you please clarify what is the small bump that has come up in LCA in recent pictures

  6. 6


    Elta EL/M-2032 and not EL/M-2023

  7. 7


    is it just me or the title was a total click bait

  8. 8


    Elta 2032 was what you meant Shiv.

  9. 9


    Finally some great articles of much interest. Well done Shiv. Do we take it that the LCA Navy Mk 2 will beat the AF Mk 2 in time lines!!!!

  10. 10


    I don't know a project started in 1980's is still not with user (more than 3 decades)

    and still main component Engine is not built by India

    and Logic given see how much time west took !! (so we can also take 5 decades)

    but they do not had facility of importing 60 percent item instead they had to come up with each & every component ……… also they can not afford 8000 scientist like DRDO does ……..

  11. 11


    WELL DONE Shiv ! India's Fighting Falcon at sea is coming true and fast. We'll written. The Gripen team is watching in awe as they have nothing in comparison , Sea Gripen is a paper plane.

  12. 12


    Many thanks for these very informative LCA Navy articles and may your Navy have good luck with testing and future flight operations.

  13. 13


    Many thanks for these LCA Navy very informative articles and may your Navy have good fortune with testing and future flight operations on your carriers.

  14. 14


    @Anonymous at 4.44 AM
    Naval LCA Programme was sanctioned in 2003 only. Maiden flight of first prototype was in 2012, 9 years for a first attempt at design, development and build of a carrier borne fighter aircraft.
    These time frames are contemporary even amongst established aircraft houses.

  15. 15

    Raahul Kumar

    Excited to read about the AESA Uttam radar, glad to see that desi avionics have made a great leap.

  16. 16

    Gilberto Rezende-Rio Grande/RS

    Shiv I have a big interest in LCA Navy MKII Project because here in Brasil the winner of our F-X2 contest the Gripen E/F uses the same engine of the Tejas MK II, the GE F414.

    The F-X2 contest was for BRAF but our Defense Ministry had already decide that our country will pay for the development of the Sea Gripen variant for BR Navy and the fast kick-start of the program depends of a viability study of SAAB about the operation of Sea Gripen in our current Carrier São Paulo.
    But Brazil wants to buy only 36 fighters and make no effort to the engine technology.
    You guys in India have already access to the AL-31 Russian technology for many years and this knowledge was the base of Kaveri project. I Think…

    I Know the Kaveri project is now put a side but i have a few questions…

    It don't meet the desired standards to the Tejas project but it has 81 KN of Thrust ! Is more than the M88 of Snecma !

    In 5/6 years India will have Knowledge on 3 different engines:
    AL-31 Saturn Russian
    M88 Snecma French
    F414 GE American

    With all This it seens to me IMPOSSIBLE that even with the same troubles that the Kaveri project had you can not do it right if you try again our indegionous engine !!!
    And one detail, someone could correct me
    if my distant perspective is not right…
    Basically the Kaveri project dint maked because the quality and weight of the parts, don't meet the standards and made the final prototype less efficient.

    The major problem in my opinion was that GRTE-DRDO was the only responsible entity of the project.

    I don't quite understand why India did not put in this project the Tata company responsible for the metallurgic and the machining of the metallic parts.

    As Modi gov is more driven to the private sector a Kaveri II project (for AMCA) has absolute need of a foreigner partner (Snecma ?) But the India's state partner (HAL or DRDO) MUST have a Private Indian Partner on Tata Group to absorb the advance metallurgic and machining technology the French partner will provide, to not fall in the same mistake that killed the original Kaveri project.
    Is this make sense for you Shiv or I am fully mistaken ?

    In one situation or other I have a Healthily envy of India's ambition of make it's own engines…

  17. 17


    In stead why not privatize HAL and ADA, get rid of the incompetent workforce and replace them with young talent.

  18. 18

    Samuel Diaw

    NLCA MK2 has only 5 hardpoints?? 2 on each wing and one underbelly! Well, at least Whitcomb's area rule has been addressed properly so aircraft should go supersonic at sea-level and have much better roll rates, STR-ITR than IAF's MK2 I feel..


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