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    Anyone else happy with the wonderful momentum on Live Fist? Keep up the great work Shiv. Proud of your hard work. Don't stop the stories, you have got the momentum now!

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    Yes…Shiv is on a roll here..
    Thanks a lot and please do keep posting..

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    Great Info on equipment – thanks again.

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    Shiv, props on the increased activity. You're on your way to become 'the' definitive defence journalist, unlike douches like prasun sengupta. I might just add that you can take some time out to present some human aspects of armed forces. Like guest posts by officers in service, like a naval officer stationed on Vikramaditya, or an army guy posted in some remote, conflicted area. Might just give us another pov to ponder about.
    Keep up the good work, broh.

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    absolutely !!
    good stuff shiv. keep it coming please.

    & please enable a way to subscribe to e-mail alerts when a new post is up.

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    The quality of the articles of late is certainly a lot better, and you no more seem to hold back with the analysis/views. No more just pictures,although they were nice too. Nice work, keep them coming please. BTW which foreign a/c are we talking about. Only GBR comes to mind.

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    The facility is split into three zones, you said. The narrative though seems to talk of only two – the take off zone and the landing zone. What's the third? Thanks,

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    Pls do not remove this article…since it mentions Russia all over it…like you did to the SU-50 PakFa.

    Honestly the decision of not giving any comfort to Russia at a time when they need you the most…is sure to back fire.

    Even US announced that no India decision will be at the cost of Pakistan…a mildly important country…compared what Russia means to India.

    Hope Modi & Parikar open up to the truth and balance their ways of dealing with Russia before it is too late!

    No US allies have ever benefitted except that US will create it into an over dependent country…which cannot survive without USA…live examples are UK, Israel, japan and to a certain extent South Korea.

    However they grow…only countries which grow militarily are the ones which are standing opposite to US ideology…to start with Brazil, China, Russia, India & also to a certain extent Iran!

    Hope wisdom prevails in our politicos!

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    Shiv Aroor

    Forgot to mention that 🙂 The third area is the workshop and telemetry building.

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    Shiv, thanks for clarifying the third area.
    Wish to add that whilst specialised equipment came from Russia in order to replicate the ship, the facility build and operations are entirely by Indian agencies.

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    Shiv, what happens during low visibility conditions, like fog and heavy rain? Do they have an ILS equivalent?


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