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    will the radome be a rotating or non -rotating type with 2 or 3 fixed antennae?

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    Raahul Kumar

    The right plane is the Airbus A330, Air India and the IAF already operate that type, we already have spares and training and maintenance already existing. Any other choice will be far too expensive.

    More important to negotiate Technology Transfer than the price, we should aim to get a lot of the plane made in Bharat.

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    When India has already inducted IL-76 based PHALCON AWACS, and planning to buy two more, why don't 12 more aircraft of the same type? At least it will make logistical support much easy? Are there any know issues with IL-76 aircraft?

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    I think interpretation of this single vendor rule is an issue.
    Airbus 330 as a common platform , will ease training and maintenance needs. In fact it should be made a preferred long range civilian plane for india too. This will give us shelter of spares during wartime.
    Maybe IAF and DRDO need to change the wording in the specs.

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    …thanks for updating your post !


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