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    Good stuff. Do we really need Apaches ?
    I hope we arm these with great weapons.
    Good that the Army and the Air Force have backed this project,.

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    Kirtiranjan Moharana

    Now it seems we are self-sufficient in helicopter technology up to some degree. That’s great news for out aircraft industry, Then why we buying ‘Apaches’ from US instead making LCH more capable.

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      Rishi Kishore

      Apaches… We are no where near it's capabilities… that is in a league of its own… let's not try and compare India's LCH with Apaches, which is the world's best attack helicopter…

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    Can she fire guided anti tank missile like Helina ?

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    NSR says —

    Looks good and great to hear the good progress…
    May be it will bring good tidings to India and its export ambition…
    Accelerate the program and bring in private contractors to produce them efficiently…
    Good luck!!!

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    no crash till now ?

    HAL maintenance will take care of this bird.

    This will join along with MIG 21 as flying coffin.

    all the pan parag dumbos sitting at the HCL will kill all the developments.

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    1 post a month
    Why don't you shut the blog?

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    Dalip Bhati

    Shiv firstly before you revamped your site it was favourite of many secondly you have labelled your site as livefist = defence matters but its an apology not a word for OROP within almost 2 months thirdly no news is forth coming from this blog readily

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    Captain Sanat Bhate

    When one buys off the shelf from other countries, the helo is never tailor made for us… even after paying high amounts. One knows that LCH cannot be compared with Apaches but then, we can only buy so many Apaches and US might suddenly stop spare part supplies.
    In combat situ for such a large country as that of ours, what we require is a good mix. A few Helos – likes of Apaches – for special purposes and high end ops and a large number of capable, robust, proven helos which can cover battle fields separated by enormous distances…. and ARE RELATIVELY AFFORDABLE. It's also important that a large stores inventory for these is created and placed strategically in depth.
    I think we are on a right track.


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