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    Is it a single Brahmos on the centerline pylon? Or can the Su carry them on the inner wing pylons to a total of 3?

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    Raahul Kumar

    Excellent news, but does the missile need to be test fired from every plane in the IAF's inventory? Shouldn't one test firing be enough to prove it works?

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    More smoke and mirrors ! When will these agencies stop peddling snake oil and get down to actually delivering something useful ? The Brahmos-A is just too heavy a missile to be effectively ferried and used in combat. They really need to get their act together on developing and testing the Brahmos-NG rather than wasting tax payer money on modifying the under-carriages of the Sukhois to carry these ALBATROSSES around their necks ! Jeez …give me a break ! A 2.5 tonne cruise missile on a air superiority fighter. You gotta be kidding – no seriously ?

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    Anon @8:57 AM
    Bang on target. precisely said. SU-30s cruising on vast arabian seas with just one missile under belly. I dont think our airforce has that much of luxury.

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    March has come and gone!


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