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    Strange that the Govt./MoD have not come out with an official communication; but ruling party is already taking credit.

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    12 billion for 128 jets vs 8 billion for 36 jets, math is wrong

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    Great. I hope all views & debate come to an end. The first steps to strengthen IAF fighter force have been taken. Let us understand, after IAF wanted more Mirage 2000, this simple request has ballooned into a mega deal !

    The helicopters fly day in & out. They are unsung heros even peace time, I do hope Raksha Mantri has fixed a deadline for new Light helicopters to firm the first squadron.
    With long range fighters, IAF needs lower number of air bases, number of maintenance , support staff etc. they do not need boots on ground like army.

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    Has the BJP lost it the $12 billion was for 126 units not 36 the real deal is still pending which will be a follow on CKD SKD and finally Made in India as the IAF requires more than 150 units.

  5. 5


    Who told you that the deal for the entire 126 tranche of Rafales were for $ 12 Billion ? Did you see the bid document ?
    One other thing to remember is that the price tag for 36 jets includes the fixed cost of setting up ( 2 I hear) depots/ground support infrastructure, training etc. So unless you look at the detailed economics involved therein its unfair to paint it as a winner or a doozie !

  6. 6

    Dalip Bhati

    It is better to scrap the deal it is not worth it

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    @Anon 9:38 were you replying to me be specific when replying did you see the contract documents for 36 units personally? $12 billion was for the now scraped MMRCA with the IAF RFP for minimum 126 fighter requirements and then a follow on order. I have not seen the bid document for $12 billion contract nor you have seen the contact papers for the 36 units regarding defense contracts there is more than what meets the eye. I have no hard feelings for you.

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    If the Rafale deal is finalised for a total of 36 aircraft and probably some more later then how they would select another twin engined jet like the super hornet even via make in
    India option. The French might also settle for a deal agreeing to manufacture the Rafale here in India.if a single engined jet is also to be considered then it might be the F-16 V along with the Rafale.

  9. 9

    Sudip Das

    12 Billion for 126 fighter jets i.e. 95 MUSD per jet

    8.8 Billion for 36 fighter jets i.e 244 MUSD

    Where is the saving , BJP is simply misleading the people of the country .

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    Due to the extreme speed and urgency with which MoD had handled the original deal, the price had escalated to almost 25 billion. And but for the govt insisting on HAL as lead integrator, we might have had Rafales on an Indian production line already. The 36 are critical and it’s surprising the IAF is not asking for French stock loaners while ours get built.


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