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    gurinder kehr

    This one I just can’t fathom! A twin engine reliable aircraft disappears without as much as a Mayday signal?I am glad Shiv that you have put some perspective on the scale of the mission for the search teams. In the raging seas its the proverbial needle in a haystack .

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    Shubham Kumar

    It’s time that GOI takes a smart decision….Reliance and Ukranian state-owned Antonov has formed a JV to manufacture Regional transport aircraft in India….This clearly indicates that Reliance should be given an opportunity to costruct An-148 and it’s military variant An-178 in India in a JV with Antonov.…/arti…/52266270.cms

    Ukraine is going through a tough crisis and It’s the best time for Indian Private companies to form JV’s with Ukranian companies to get as much as T-O-T as possible.
    Indian companies can attract Ukranian Engineers and scientist to work for them, It’s all about paying the Right amount of money….specially for people whose Nation is going through such a big crisis.
    Ukraine is undergoing a Civil War as well as a Conflict with Russia…..Every conflict always creates an opportunity and It’s the best opportunity for India.
    An-178 matches very closely to the specifications of IAF’s desired MTA.…/medium-transport…

    If GOI provides this opportunity to Reliance then I’m very sure that Other Indian Companies will also understand the opportunity that is present for India in the Ukranian Conflict…….Ukraine also manufacutres engines for Chinese Tanks…this is also one sector where India can achieve a great level of Technological cooperation.

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    I have noticed a reduced frequency in your posts. I am not complaining, but I hope you are healthy and if you are, stay that way. We need quality folks like you, so I hope you are healthy and keep reporting (reduced frequency is just fine) for lot longer than what I will be around to read.

    Wish you all the best

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      Shiv Aroor

      Thank you, Sir! I’m well and promise to ramp up.


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