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    Gulshan luthra

    Excellent reporting. Gulshan

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      Shiv Aroor

      Thank you, Sir.

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    Indian Patriot

    Is the Boeing offer iron-clad or just a mirage in a naked attempt to shoehorn Boeing’s fighters into Indian markets and kill the domestic aviation industry? Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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    Everyone knows that Advance Super Hornet would be the best choice pray it materialises soon

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    It is difficult to make an informed comment on this subject as it involves lots of areas of technology, finance , RAF requirements, future developments in Indo/US relations etc.etc. But the basic requirement from Indian point of view is getting hold of advanced Tech. in Aeronautics and the developments of our Kaveri Aero Engine. But one thing is sure here we have a chance to get our hands into American pie. It may ( ? ) give us the opportunity to catch up with the Chinese to some extent. Let’s hope the relative depts. in Hindustan think thru this deal carefully before signing on the dotted line.

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    arush singh

    why dont boeing helps india develop a non stealthy 4++ gen variant of amca first by using required components from their super hornets and from those grounds they can move up to developing 5th gen stealth amca

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      Deepak Hegde

      No free lunch !!

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    What help shall Boeing Offer upon Engine related technologies, to be specific on the improving the crystal blade or composite technologies necessary for developing an engine? Is Boeing ready to manufacture engines with an Indian Partnership through Make-in-India? What can be the estimated no of Fighters Boeing plans to be able to churn out from India Based Manufacturing in an Year.


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