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    Deepak Hegde

    Better focus on must haves rather than nice to have’s. With such major gaps in critical capabilities for all three wings , army, navy & air-force, clearly the Ospreys are not needed immediately as some of the other capabilities.

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    Jai Hind

    Immediate requirement of the IN is subs. We should look at building indigenous conventional diesel subs to counter the huge pile up of China and a formidable stock of Pakistan. Also, there are reports that says India’s nuclear sub Arihant to noisy and easily detectable for a strategic platform. Fixing these deficiencies and building indigenous diesel subs should take priority over Osprey wishlists.

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    Does India need the V-22 Osprey?

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      Subarno Sinha

      Indian Navy, surely, for carrier onboard delivery(COD) and a longer range, more capable AEWACS aircraft. Navy has nothing for COD roles, and a better AEWACS aircraft than Ka-31 would be a breath of fresh air for IN recon capabilities.


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