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    Boom and CDS simultaneously?!?!?
    Even if it were true wouldn’t it be foolhardy to use this operationally?
    What is already an unnatural act, taken to the point of recklessness.

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      Shiv Aroor

      Agree. It’s highly unlikely — near impossible — that there’s a situation for both the centreline systems to be used together. It’s an indication of how hard-fought this contest could be.

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    Deepak Hegde

    Clearly the Govt will play Boeing against airbus to get the best deal. In this, the IAF timelines go for a toss, as usual. Don’t see any tankers coming in before 2025 !!

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    Every other countries, even using US jet, have chosen the A330 MRTT other the KC-46 Pegasus. There must be a reason why…

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    Parshu Naraynan

    The talented and innovative Russians will lose deal after deal to advanced Western suppliers though there is huge goodwill for them in India if they do not pay more attention to issues like reliability, quality control and maintenance. The Mi-26 could have closed out anyone else, but the next contract for heavy helos were for Chinooks – because the Mi-26 was impossible to maintain. The Rafale deal was swung partly because of our history with the M2K, whose reliability and sortie rates, esp compared to MiGs made the IAF fall in love with them, though the Baaz can paste the M2k in a WVR dogfight. In contrast the rock-solid reliability of the Mi-17 made us directly order 80 after 26/11 without any procedural hassle or Augusta like scandals. We love you Russkies. And we are your natural partners, who wont rip you off with rip-offs like the Chinese. But lives depend on qualitative superiority in battle, so try harder.


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