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    With India’s defence sector opened up to international players HAL has to be on it’s toes, IAF has long been deprived of it’s modernisation and now that IAF is looking forward for filling up the void with AMCA,FGFA and Stealth figher aircrafts, the trainer aircrafts market will also boom up.

    HAL has to understand the fact, IAF can’t give up on training quality of it’s cadets, it will rather choose another trainer aircraft from international player but won’t compromise on quality of training give to it’s flying cadets.

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    Suresh Rao

    Please let us know where we are with the ACMA. China already has finalised two 5 th Gen Fighters viz J-20 and FC-31 for its local and export requirements. We on the other hand are dished out scale model – Table top model of the ACMA and tall claims that it will be better than than the Pak FA50 etc etc. WHERE ARE WE ON ACMA , any details ???


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