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    Hypersonic is the next NPT. The big 5s would quickly scale up and once matured would roll out another CTBT to prevent other nations from developing it.

    It is important for India to scale up, before the CTBT is put in place. I am thinking another 5 years, when the noise will be tremendous, specially once there is a news of Iranians try out their hand at hypersonic.

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    bennedose (@bennedose)

    Good article

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    Common folks let’s work on ICBM defense and other prudent important things like get the instrument of war before it renters the atmosphere and destroy it or a worm and turn it back around and send it home to it’s takeoff point wouldn’t that be unerving for a would be aggressive nation to know that possibly your icbs would turn and bomb your own country. Hmmm

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    Hari Sud

    No faith in all BS info.


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