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    How a “fatigue crack” can be blamed on the manufacturer, its is caused by fatigue and can be blamed only on the decision to fly the old aircraft.

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      There is a time limit for fatigue crack if it occured in an aircraft certified airworthy then they are to be blamed

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      Fatigue should not cause a crack unless the part is beyond life expectancy. If it does, the manufacturer is liable, in this case for poor welding. Everyone knows HAL has quality issues but they cannot escape anymore. Excellent outcome not just for pilot and IAF but for India.

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      PRASAD S N

      Fatigue crack will be recognized as such only and only if the part/assembly fails within the stipulated life span. The life span is decided by the HAL/mfrr, and the part needs to be replaced before expiry of the life span which is the primary duty of HAL. What HAL does is to ‘extend the life’ of the part to escape replacing the part to save time/money/effort as it may need an import/mfg time. As regards to the decision to fly the a/c, the a/c is flown only when HAL certifies it as ‘fit to fly’. Please reconcile.

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    Chundi Prasad

    The after burner manifolds are ‘rotables’ and are released for use as individual items after overhaul and testing. If I am not mistaken, these items are changed sometimes in BRDs as a part of routine maintenance.

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    Excellent reply Chilaram. A host of pilots of the IAF today lie injured because of such defects which are regularly traced back to the HAL. I can narrate a host of such incidents.

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    Ishan Choudhary

    Wonderful development. Maybe atleast now agencies like HAL, ADA and DRDO will realise the importance of quality

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    Sushil Guptan

    The IAF should list all accidents which their Inquiries have confirmed to be due to manufacturing defects. This will give possible outstanding relief to scores of NOK!!!!!!

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    Teri Maa ke Jai

    HAL = Hai Asli Laudo


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