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    Sir please bring some news about the current status of indigenous small arms being developed by DRDO/OFB like AAR,JVPC,TAR, INSAS MK3 etc.

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    Finally decisions taken by this Government are yielding results. That too under make in india program. This also gives credibility boost to our indian suppliers, since our own armed forces use the indian gears !
    I hope MoD works with mku/tata to develop next gen personal protection gear for the indian armed forces.
    I do hope these are far better than the current Patakas in providing pritevtion against ak-47 rounds.

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      Patakas are built to withstand 7,62 rounds!

      Even ParaSF are seen with Patakas, even though they have access to imported helmets. It serves a specific purpose and it is good at.

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    Is it really bullet proof even American helmets are not bullet proof.

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    Pc Lushai

    Lets hope the best ‘make in India’. But i dont think that it will be at the level of foreign forces helmet’s..we spent lots of fund for equipments and weapons but we used to get only the 3rd class one..thats make all indians morale down…frankly said i am not happy and am not eager to wait this thing coz it will comes out with ‘sabse ghatya wala’ type helmet after spending crores of money….but lets wait and see am wring or not..

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    The manufacturing process does not inspire confidence …. It looks to be a small SME operation, rather than a professional life saving defence equipment supplier….

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    These helmet need to be covered with camouflage cloth of Indian army combat uniform just like US or other foreign armies does. These helmet appear totally different because of their green painted color which does not match camouflage color of Indian army and would be easily visible in field thus jeopardizing soldiers location.

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    Finally. BTW do these stop AKs?

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      It’s been interesting to read some of the comments here about ‘stopping’ AK rounds. Everyone needs to remember that when these units undergo ballistic testing, rounds are fired from different ranges to study the impact & penetration patterns.

      I doubt there are any helmets out there that can withstand the impact of a 7.62×39 round fired point blank at it and be lightweight enough for constant use without the soldier getting a headache. But, the Kevlar may be able to deflect the same round fired from say 150-200m away due to the natural loss in kinetic energy of the bullet by the time of impact.

      Let’s try to keep this in mind and be clear about what we mean by ‘stopping’ a bullet…

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    for your information, these Helmets are produced from Twaron fabric not from Kevlar.

    Twaron performs better than kevlar and meets the indian demand for BFS <13 mm.

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      Shiv Aroor

      Wrong. Kevlar.

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    Proper uniforms to all MKU employees would have made more better impression and look of professional private sector defence industry


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