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    lol, First, USA share never technology with othe, like other customer, India must request to uncle sam the authorisation for each using of F16 outside of india, that why Egypt bought rafale after the request was rejected the attack terrorist libyan base, l’IAF doesnt want single engine, lika say in case of MMRCA, F16 has no future, Gripen is not better than tejas. some part of key component are only reserved of US maintenance, buy US mean to accept rules and constraint, customer will stay under us control, that is the feedback of iran experience. the f16 after 40 years services is now obsolete, like M2000. face to J20/FC31, it will be not more efficient. never look to the past. look rafale, su57, tejas mk2, mig35, eurofighter.

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    Nice interview sir you asked almost same questions I expected from you, you should cover one similar interview with SAAB spokesperson too
    My suggestion of questions is
    *Gripen has almost 70-80% of European (JV) sub-systems how they could transfer technology if (for example Leonardo disagree)
    *What kind of upgrade package they can provide for Tejas and of course AMCA

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    Nothing came out of him which we already did not know.. This is just same ol pitching nothing else.. typical

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    He had worked for Boeing, now for Boeing…he will he Work for Dassault Saab or MiG the next time ?

    Export market: F-16 Block 60 was funded by UAE and they were supposed to benefit in case of export. Yet all F-16 exported after that were Block 52 or Block 52+ made in USA, 0 benefit for UAE.

    F-16 was assessed unsatisfactory the last time, it’s the same aircraft now.
    It’s a poor performer in high altitude, according to the Greek the Mirage 2000 has the edge over 20 000ft, the Rafale is even better.
    And the F-16 Block 70 despite big engine is over-laden airframe.

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    Sam Nigam

    F-16 Block 70 is old 70s design but still very agile and lethal when it come to air combat. It’s a combat proven fighter aircraft with the new sensors pilot mounted display and BVRAAM. Enemy Air force (PAF) has the block 50 model but if India selects F-16 then it will receive the latest up to date version of the aircraft. But lot will depend on Indian Govt. and defense ministry which fighter to choose from. In my opinion nothing beats the F-16 block 70 in air to air combat. But SAM remains a threat and Lockheed Martin is developing a system to protect the aircraft to evade SAM’s.


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