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    Just goes to show, how much homework is done by the organizers! Exhibitors are very well aware, that the Abu Dhabi air show is more important for sales to happen than the Indian air show, as Indian interest in defense hardware to actual procurement is an excruciatingly painful and protracted procedure. The Rafale interest started in 2001, delivery is happening in2019. Thats nearly 20 years later, not to mention many others, like submarines, assault rifles, bullet proof vests and so forth.
    This is one of the many reasons why countries like China, have increased the disparity in defense capability over the last two decades, to the point that, today the two countries cannot be compared in this regard.

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    Gulshan Luthra

    IDEX and Aer India
    Once earlier, Aero India ended the day, or a day before, IDEX began.
    I myself flew straight from Bangalore to Abu Dhabi, and of course the flight was full of participants common to both the shows.
    Let’s hope the needful is done.

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    Indians are retarded. They can’t even promote their homemade DRDO stall with adequate information. Just set up a plastic chair and put out some toy models and hope no one asks you anything even slightly complicated. Worthless. Pakistan will have 11 airborne survalience systems while our dalit government talks about aquiring everything under the son, yet achieve nothing in 15 years. DRDO and GOV India are even donating a aew system to a friendly country? We have more poor than any other country in the world, we don’t have the luxury to donate expensive platforms.


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