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    Good stuff. Needs to be in production ASAP. I think knowing the amount of time user trials take in india, hopefully the armed forces are involved from the first trial. Will save a lot of time.
    The seeker and compact propulsion system take time to develop.

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    Waiting for IA to find newer reasons to not place orders. I would imagine a minimum distance of 100m would be sufficient to derail the development. Perhaps performance could be fingered with 1m CEP over a max distance of 4.5km (<- notice what I did there with the additional .5 kms?). Perhaps they could restrict the maximum weight to 17.5kgs (since the MPATGM may come in at 18KGs). Some unobtanium can and will be found. Until the DRDO wakes up and finds a "private" manufacturer who will find ways for money to flow into the right channels.

    Feel free to criticize or attack, but folks, please do look at how Nag had to be "shoved" down the throat.

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    Destroy Pakistan completely


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