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    Interesting. If paper trails of money exist, how long before a conviction or is it sufficient to lead to conviction?
    What do we as a nation do with a few helicopters bought ?
    Can such a dysfunctional procurements system be replaced by a more professional way of working ? Maybe you guys need a series of tv discussions and articles by a set of politicians , civilians and uniformed men on this topic.

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      Well discussion with politician with is just waste of time.. 90% of time they don’t now & 10% of time they try to change topic. But real thing is men in uniform & sincere Bureaucrats have to come discuss about what had done after the deal with procedure & what more changes should happen.. Plus Defence Sector including ( Armed forces & PARAmil or Polices ) have to be more open so that more things are public & honest people like pubby could do checks….
      + one more thing off the topic.. people should be made more aware about security infrastructure & issue like Descrim. Soldier & officer ( though military hierarchy should remain & work for Military wellness not officers comfort ), issues of lack of guns bpj helmets & basic SF’s equipment for COBRA’s. I think its the write time to take baton from old ill informed ‘defense journalist’ who know nothing about their arena & are still flashed on major news networks..
      Thanks & keep up the good work

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    I don’t trust Manu Pubby. Period. His record is pathetic.

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    Manu Pubby’s record is Pathetic. He is no hero.


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