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    Is the US not revealing Pakistan’s use of AMRAAM to avoid embarrassment in diplomatic circles?

    One small thing – plural of “aircraft” is “aircraft”, not “aircrafts”. Otherwise a fine article.

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    Sudip Das

    PAF actually shot down 2 IAF aircraft. The second aircraft is either SU30MKI or Mirage as mentioned by a recently retired PAF AVM Latif.

    AMRAAM is programmed to detonate only on hitting its target. To illustrate this via information in the public domain, a few ago a F15C of the 142 fighter wing of of the Oregon Air National Guard fired four AMRAAM missiles into the sea. It was ordered to fire them as a precaution before landing, as its landing gear failed to retract.
    These were fully armed with live air-to-air missiles and the decision was made with the knowledge that these would not detonate despite the concrete like impact of hitting the ocean at high speed.
    The fragment of AMRAAN casing shown by Air vice Marshal Ravi Kapoor had clearly detonated on hitting its intended target, as programmed.
    IAF have retired the Western Air Commander after it came to be known that COAS was at one of the locations PAF bombed. IAF goofed up big.(not verified)


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