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    Suresh Rao

    Tavlor, Galil, Uzi, SiG716, CAR 816, AK-203, how may types of Rifles will the Indian Army procure ???? and to what end ? Are these indicative of adhocism and lack of planning ? What about Make in India ?
    Why can’t Ishapore make a new design assault rifle/s which is a possible successor to the INSAS ? Even a tiny country like Israel and Korea are making world class Assault rifles and we continue to import them merrily. We are making our own Arihant class Nuclear propelled SSBNs and we are stumbling on a simple Assault rifle ???

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      Hari Sud

      Bad assumption of Ishapore producing a good rifle from its outmoded manufacturing process and unionized workers.

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        What would you do if your child got bad grades in school ? Take him out of school or focus on him more to get good grades ?

        If the Navy is the father, they will put more effort ( see the warships and submarines coming out from the Indian shipyards). If the Army is the father, they will take him out of school ( one bad rifle means they will buy foreign, first tank was up to mark- still they buy foreign)


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