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    Stuff & Nonsense from HAL. Even the additional requirements of Su30MKI of Super Sukhoi standard will be imported from Russia to touch req. figure of 18 squadrons or 324 aircraft HMRCA. OTOH, the LCA Mk1 (40), Mk1A (83) & the Mk2/MWF (201) will be made in India for another 18 squadrons or 324 LMRCA. The only other MMRCA possible, if it succeeds can be the AMCA 5/6 Gen but it’s at least 20 years away. The 114 Fighter Aircraft will be just the Rafale MMRCA IMPORTED in successive tranches of 36-40 aircraft. It’s not feasible to manufacture 4thGen aircraft under license. SU30MKI cost 2.5times more to make under license. Make LCA/MWF now & maybe in future 5/6 Gen AMCA at least 20 years later. TEDBF is too late, but best of luck on that The Rafale is what the IAF needs & wants for it’s MMRCA role.

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      TEDBF is not late at all. If you see all the navies around the world, F 35 is the only carrier borne naval aircraft that can be called better than TEDBF at this point (you can also argue bout F 18 as well though, but it will be in the same league as TEDBF). And US is going to be an ally at least for the next decade or 2 (and consequently, so will be it’s allies). Even China is not able to develop a decent carrier borne aircraft, and you can’t expect their first attempt to be much better than TEDBF. So even they are not gonna do much better any time soon. So overall, seeing the threat perception and security scenario, TEDBF will be more than enough.

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    HAL always promises much but when asked to deliver on time they always have an excuse they are nothing but the example of government run factories dishing out garbage .Look at what position IAF has been brought to by the bureaucracy still flying
    The coffins named mig 21 .. they have no shame

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    Devashish Sonowal

    Why you ppl were so late.. Waiting for china to attack or anyother country to take initiative….this is my question

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    Finally a private player in sight is a good initiative. it would bring some agile production of new aircraft. ADA/HAL should still be focusing on more on research in partnership with our premier institutes.
    It feels like an insult to Indian talent, to go purchase military hardware outside on occasions, in order to feel safe, in situation like now.

    I believe we have good defence manufacturing sector setup now. What we need is cut on bureaucratic decision making. I like the approach Mr Mahohar Parikar used to take, i could litterally feel his turnaround strategy on LCA…. Sad he is no more with us…


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